Thursday, July 28, 2016

Moving pains

We bought our house nearly 1,000 days ago. And although I said repeatedly at the time that we would never move again, the truth is: I'm getting kind of bored!

Since I don't actually want to list my house and go through that whole process, I'm checking out the listings in other places. Like this one.

It's an affordable charmer. A two-story, three bedroom brick house in a tree-filled neighborhood. It's near the river(?) and not too far from Lake Michigan.


In Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Since I've never even visited Wisconsin, I can only guess about the neighborhood. It looks nice, though, and the city seems like lots of fun.

This is downtown near City Hall. They have a major league baseball team and LOTS of beer history as the hometown of both Miller and Pabst.

But also an art museum and maybe some night life??

Here's a side view of the house, which is on an alley. The backyard is charming and I can totally envision it strung with twinkle lights for summer nights.

The needle on the record gets stuck once we walk inside... The floors could use some work, but they're hardwood! The shutters on the side windows are totally charming. Some built-in bookcases beneath those windows, flanking the fireplace, would make for great extra storage.

I can't tell from these photos where the front door is in this house. Do you think it's on the other side of the living room wall by the staircase? That could make for a fairly dramatic and pretty entry! The curve of those stairs is what I think of when people say a house has "good bones." 

Here's the dining room adjacent to the living room. It looks like the walls could use a good coat of paint, but nothing is as simple at transforming a room like paint! 

I'd love to see a big lantern over the table too. Maybe painted a wild & crazy color like magenta or chartreuse??

The dining room opens to a den, which has a lot of wild colors of its own. These could be easily toned down to create a more soothing palette. With new solid-color drapes, trim painted to match the color of the paneling, and a better layout of the furniture, this could be a restful getaway at the back of the house!

The kitchen appears to also be at the back of the house, and it could use some work. The star design on the floor tiles is actually kind of interesting, though, and if it's in decent shape might be worth saving.

Just imagine these beauties on some freshly painted cabinets with Farrow & Ball's lotus wallpaper on the long window wall, a farmhouse sink, and a white subway tile backsplash. Or perhaps install a French door where the window is to make it easier to get outdoors for dining al fresco. Super chic!

Do you enjoy looking at real estate -- even when you have no plans to move? Let me know I'm not alone! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm back

My motto is "never say never." And so here I am, seven months later, writing a blog post. 

Nothing major has changed in the time I have been away. Nothing life altering. 

I still haven't figured out a better name for this blog... (but I'm considering suggestions!)

In the spring, I added another title to my resume: India Hicks Style Ambassador.  

Yes, the India Hicks that gets quoted on the back of my favorite design book and whose style is described in the same terms as mine

The motto of India Hicks' company is “Live an extraordinary life.” 

As I wrote in my inaugural email newsletter today, I interpret this motto in two important ways. 

One is to be exceptional. To strive to live one’s best life. 

But the other way is just as significant, if not more so. To live life in an EXTRA-ordinary way, savoring the beauty of everyday moments. 

And, that my friends, is the beauty of these products! They are the little luxuries of a life well-lived. A soft scarf, a sturdy bag, a reminder of what’s important. You can check them out here.


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