Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Decorating Tips: Day 7

Your entryway is your first impression.
Pay special attention to where people come and go from your home. This area sets the tone for your house. It tells guests what kind of people live inside. And, it can signal a threshold ritual for those who live there, reminding them of what they love best about the place they call home.

This tip is similar to how an invitation sets the tone for a party. Which is a fun coincidence since the beautiful door above was repinned from me by none other than the most glamorous party planner extraordinaire, Danielle D. Rollins, author of Soiree: Entertaining with Style.

Danielle Rollins
And that's what's hap"pinning" this week! :)

Come back tomorrow to see which room I've chosen for this year's One Room Challenge!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Decorating Tips: Day 6

Phew! I'm all caught up. If you are looking back at the posts day-by-day, you will see that the number sequence is all out of whack, but whatever... It feels good to have done something I said I would do! 

This week I'm still thinking a lot about how to appreciate Fall, the literal season that I am in. Fall, or autumn, means grey and rainy here where I live at least as much as it means stunning orange and crimson leaves.


Burberry proves grey and rainy is beautiful. 

Grey and rainy brings trench coats and rain boots. A cup of tea in front of the fire. A pan of brownies in the oven. And today's decorating tip... 

See the entirety of the scene when you decorate, not just what is expected.

In fact, adding in a dash of the unexpected can make a room come alive!

Decorating Tip #3

For the basics, choose white.

Heather Bullard
For dishes, bedding, and towels--all building blocks of your design--choose white. 

It helps to create a cohesive look and allows you to mix & match more easily, regardless of whether your style is farmhouse country, urban contemporary, or something in between!

Apartment Therapy

Decorating Tip #2

Don't be afraid to use things in unexpected ways...

Martha Stewart
Tea towels as curtains.

An oriental rug in the laundry room or bath.

A bookcase or dresser in your kitchen for extra storage.


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