Friday, May 22, 2015

High Five Memorial Day Friday

Is it just me or did Memorial Day weekend totally sneak up on us this year?! I'm scrambling to make some fun plans for us.

Here are my favorites from the week, otherwise known as my High Five Friday:

1. How Should Home Feel?
Bowley Builders via Calling It Home

That's the question that Linda asked this week. My Northern Michigan childhood doesn't actually sound too different from hers in the Valley. This is definitely a question I'm going to be mulling over...

2. Raising a Garden
Lazy Sunday Cooking via Emily A. Clark
Emily A. Clark is building her own raised garden and we can follow along. I'm hoping to get at least a patio pot of tomatoes this year. #blackthumb

3. Two Houses
I don't often read something that feels like someone looked into my soul and wrote my story but this had that effect. Some of my thoughts on our sitch from the past can be found here and here.

4. Macarons

Baking a Moment

My daughter is at the age where she just loves her American Girl. This year's girl is Grace who, upon returning from a summer trip to Paris, opens La Petite Patisserie with her friends. To celebrate finishing one of the books in the series and a night with no homework for either kid (one positive to standardized testing!), we went to this little East Lansing shop for treats. I'll have to give Baking a Moment's recipe a whirl. They're gluten-free.

5. Pineapple Rain

via my Instagram

I adore this photo I snapped of my daughter earlier this week during a quick rain shower. It reminded me of this song Have you ever seen the rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival
from my childhood; a song that always reminds me of my dad.

And here's an interesting article about how some enterprising people are using IG to make a fortune. For the record, I chose the heels. #unsponsored

Happy Memorial Day! God bless our troops!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Douglas Dream House

This house, nestled among the trees above the beach at Lake Michigan, is my dream home. As an added bonus it's only 3.5 hours from my front door. Located in Harbor Springs, Michigan, it is near the top of the proverbial mitten.
via Richard Meier

The house was built by Richard Meier and completed in 1973. A few years ago it was voted one of the AIA's 150 favorites of American architecture. Meier went on to build many other iconic buildings that are also on that list including the Getty Museum in L.A.
via Richard Meier

The interior is 3,200 square feet and it has 970 feet of private beach. Almost no trees were removed in the construction of the house. 

via Richard Meier
There have been three owners since the Douglas family of Grand Rapids, who commissioned the home in the late 1960s. The current owners, Michael McCarthy and Marcia Myers, retired execs from Proctor & Gamble, bought the home and restored it in 2007.

Dean Kaufman for Dwell
They don't look nearly old enough to be retired... 
via Arch Daily
 Besides the links beneath the photos, there's a great article about the house here.
via Arch Daily
If you are looking for more information about Harbor Springs, check out this novel written by someone who grew up summering in the area.
Terry Gamble

You can also watch one of those soothing Pure Michigan ads about the area here.
Have you ever been to Harbor Springs? What does your dream house look like?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Pinnings

Pinterest is still my happy place. Whenever I get a chance, I love to spend a few minutes scrolling through it. My boards tend to be like this blog--pretty eclectic. Lots of pretty rooms mixed with delicious recipes, fashion, and travel.

I also use Pinterest to save things I want to come back to later. Design ideas that solve some problem I am working on or products that I've found but am not yet ready to purchase. (I've started using Twitter to save articles I want to read, though).

My only wish is that there was some way to sub-categorize within boards. For example, my Outside board has 754 pins (as of now). Lots of those pins are images of pools, some are gardens, others are exteriors. It would be so nice to break up that big number by delegating some of these pins to different categories within the generic term "Outside."

Anyhoo, here are a few pins that have been popular recently.

Crane Concept
This beautiful reveal from Crane Concept, part of the One Room Challenge Linkup, has been re-pinned several times. Besides the banquette, which Rita built herself and is renter-friendly, I am just so in love with the window treatments, big statement piece of art, oversized black & white pillows, and the tabletop, which is faux marble if I remember correctly. Perfection! Find more in Banquettes & Dining.

Burlap & Lace
This bookshelf styling from Burlap and Lace, also part of the One Room Challenge Linkup, is just one small part of an overall AMAZING room. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, just know I am studying this one to re-style my own bookshelves. I love the color coordination of the books, how some books are vertical and others are lying down, as well as how all the decorative elements (plant, urn, basket) are used on each shelf. Find more in Styling.

Elle Décor 2010 via Well-Appointed House
This image was frequently re-pinned. For me, I love the black double doors at this entrance with all the greenery on either side of it as well as the gravel walkway. As I look at it closer, I notice that there are storm doors pulled wide for the photo. Double doors aren't in my future but a glossy black door could be. Find more in Entryways.

Every now and then, when I think my favorite rooms are a bit too avant-garde for wide re-pinning, something like this room will surprise me. I love the white walls, blonde floor, big art, black lacquer, and linen upholstery (big surprise if you've seen my house).

What we can see of the seating arrangement is pretty awesome too, though. It's an H-shape with couches placed across from each other and a big block coffee table in the center. Exciting because the TV is wall-mounted behind one of the couches! Find more in Great Rooms.

I also post a lot of outfits including about ten gazillion white dresses. This one has been popular but I'm not sure the link takes you somewhere to actually order it. C'est la vie.

Lots of inspirational quotes can be found here.

There are lots of gorgeous places I'd like to travel to on my Places board including this great room in Beirut. You can read more about the home and designer here.

Le Creme de la Crumb
Lots of OMG desserts and other recipes including a few meals (and, of course, drinks and gorgeous bar inspiration!). I haven't actually made this brownie recipe yet (made with cream cheese and chocolate chips). The day that I had planned to I couldn't find it. Pinterest had told me that I had already pinned it when, in fact, I had not. Occasionally the algorithm that recognizes your pins fails. No big deal; things like this tend to come back around.

Your Modern Family
I love this printable for helping me to parent better (generically shoved onto the Kids Room board) and I am hoping to implement these ideas with my own school-aged kids this summer. Although I am stressing about where I'm going to get the daily math problem...


This pin, which suggested choosing three plants and repeating them in your garden, was one of the more popular on my Outside board, which doesn't get nearly the same attention as my Great Rooms.

House Beautiful
Just so you don't think it's all clothes and places and things to eat, here's another popular room. I love all the blue, the symmetry, and the height of that mirror over the sofa. More in Great Rooms.

Do you still have a love affair with Pinterest? Would you like it if you could sub-categorize to better organize your boards? Anyone who is a MUST follow? Please let me know.  :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Room Fit for a Picasso

So you probably heard about the anonymous art collector who purchased Picasso's Femmes d'Alger (version O) last week for a record-breaking $179.4 million dollars, right?

I figure buying a new painting is a bit like buying a new dress... You'll need an all-new room to go with it!  

via Polyvore
This mood board is my version of a new handbag and pair of shoes for the Picasso.

Presumably with an art budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars, there are fewer restrictions on the décor budget than in an ordinary project. On the other hand, they just spent more than any other art collector -- EVER -- so maybe custom all the way isn't the way to go??

Either way, I had a lot of fun sourcing top of the line pieces for this mood board. :)

For the area immediately around the painting, I added a black buffet with marble top from One Kings Lane. This is flanked on either side by orange leather chairs from 1st Dibs. The brightness of the chairs is a subtle nod to the colors in the painting. The brass lamps on the credenza are Jonathan Adler from Zinc Door and have a fun geometric shape that reminds me of Picasso.

credenza lamps Jonathan Adler at Zinc Door 2x$1250 / buffet One Kings Lane $7585 / orange leather chairs 1st Dibs $20,000 for the pair

The sitting area is created to be a comfortable, textural feast for the senses. The modern gray leather sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams plays off the shaggy white chairs from 1st Dibs. Neither of which have prices listed, ordinarily a big uh-oh to any other budget, but happily not a problem in this imaginary room!

sofa Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (no price listed) / Kurt Ostervig white fluffy chairs 1st Dibs (price available upon request)

The Design Within Reach side tables mix a little chrome into the room and are contrasted with the acacia wood table lamps and linen shades.

acacia table lamps  Jamie Young at Zinc Door 2x$1075 / end tables Design Within Reach 2x$575

The Ethan Allen Ming-style coffee table adds a bit of a traditional feel to the space--and plays off the black buffet. It is also on sale! And so is the rug from Arhaus, which adds some graphic punch and a blue-green color that mimics the succulent arrangement.

coffee table Ethan Allen $1423.20 (sale)/ rug Arhaus $2399 (sale, limited quantities)/ succulents Bloomingdales $365

I'm not totally sold on the pillows...
The blue ikat was chosen to bring in some more blue tones. The orange Trina Turk pillows were meant to reference the leather accent chairs. The rainbow bolster mixes it all together. I suppose I'd have to see them in person to know for sure how they'd feel.

blue ikat pillows Layla Grace 2x$89 / orange Trina Turk pillows / RealReal rainbow bolster
Total cost for this room (minus pillows, without a price on the sofa and fluffy chairs) = $37,572.20. Is it worth it?? What do you think?


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