Friday, October 17, 2014

High Five Enlightenment Friday

I have been on a quest for enlightenment this week. Truthfully, I want my house to look like a magazine spread every single day. I want to wake up with perfect hair and float around not really doing or feeling anything. It seems so much easier than real life.

Mama has gone to the mountain. Even if it's just an image of a mountain in a mural from Walls Republic.

Here are the five things I enjoyed this week, otherwise known as the Friday High Five.

1. Sabbath
Even if you are not religious, the concept of a sabbath is helpful. I think of myself as being really laid back. It's not until I start to think about taking a rest that it hits me how much I like to go, go, go and do, do, do. Becoming Minimalist has a nice post here.

2. Mentoring Moms
Sally Clarkson has a nice post about practicing contentment in the midst of overwhelm that is helpful for moms or those who are mothering their inner child. At the end, she asks what two things you will do this week that will be like therapy for your soul. 

I also liked the ideas that the author of Bringing Up Bebe posted in this op-ed.

3. Yoga
I have lists of things to do to take care of me that I mostly keep in a desk drawer and ignore. But on Tuesday I found myself driving to my favorite yoga studio for a class with my favorite yoga teacher. It's been at least a year since I have been in her class and eight months since I've even done a downward facing dog. Why?!

4. Habit

Two new books are available for pre-order about the genius of developing habits that make life easier. You can read more about The Sweet Spot by Christine Carter and Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. I've been thinking about my own little habits and how they can help me have my best life. Then, blam-o, this morning Momastery posted about the habits of strong women. There's something in the air...

5. Shedding
I haven't totally at all kept pace with the daily purge from A Bowl Full of Lemons this month, but I was inspired to jump in where I am after reading this piece on the Art of Simple. Instead of focusing on what I am lacking, maybe the key is to notice how much I have??


And to wrap it all up, this image from 1971 shows a movie theater on the main street of my town, which is where the movie Batman vs. Superman was filming this week. Although Ben Affleck was in town and I work in a building called the Hall of Justice, I did not see him. That's alright. I'm okay with a quiet life. And I'm learning to be okay with a messy, imperfect one, too.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge: Midway

Welcome back to my version of the One Room Challenge™ Link-up! Each Thursday for six weeks I'll show you the progress I've made in my Entryway Revamp. This is week three. Read about my plan in week one and purchases in week two

The midway point for any project seems to inspire a crisis of confidence. Yes??? Anyway that's where I am for week three. But I will carry on and it will be so worth it in the end.

The taming of this shrub is just about the only tangible thing I got done for this week. 

It still overhangs the door a bit. 

It is more top-heavy than I would have liked and there is this empty spot, all of which has to do with how the branches were growing, I think. 

But whatevs, moving on...
On the left we have the current door sitch. On the right, a rough mockup of what it would look like without the storm door. So much better right?! Especially with the new house number feature. But the door needs something. Texture perhaps. And the step desperately needs to be re-painted.

Coming inside, this is as far as I've gotten with the powder room stenciling. I listened to the words of encouragement from y'all and definitely think I want to go forward with the ceiling. But there are ways to make the stenciling easier, I think. 

Finally, my last problem. I want to hang the green velvet drapes I showed you last week here on either side of the front door. The only problem are those bulkheads. If I hang a curtain rod low enough to go beneath where the two intersect, we won't get the door open. If I hang it above, the rod won't go all the way to the other wall. I've already purchased the drapes, though, and there's no way I'm giving up. The drapes will give the space such a rich, luxe feel. 

So, here's to hoping that I have anything more to show you next week! Time to check out everyone else. Check out the Wednesday 20 here and the other linking participants here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Down the Rabbithole

It started with a little glimpse of the blue and white in this vignette on One Kings Lane...

via OKL

The rectangular jar in front is available for only $19! And there are a lot more inexpensive, small blue & white items in the "It's Tradition" sale, which ends in three days.

Since shipping is free on orders of $350 right now, I found a few more things I love. Christmas is in less than 75 days so many of them could become gifts, I suppose.

Apple Cutting Board
Apple orchards. Apple cider and plain donuts. Apple and autumn both start with the letter A so maybe that's why they are so inextricably linked in my mind. This lovely board would make great kitchen decor.

Four-Leaf Clover Dish
I'm part Irish (the fun part!) so I have a special affinity for four-leaf clovers. My luck has run out with this sale, though, it's sold out.

Bamboo Umbrella Holder
So is this stunning bamboo umbrella holder. I guess I'm going to save $350 today by not buying anything... 

These were my favorite foo dogs from this sale that Jennifer posted about last week.
Pendleton Throw
This blanket is still available and reminds me of many other items in this sale, which just started and is chock-FULL of good stuff for picnicking or tailgating or man-caving!

via Holly Mathis Interiors
There are lots of vintage pennants in the sale. Which could be framed like in Holly Mathis's entryway. Isn't that a creative way to display them? I love it!

Stacy posted about this beautifully mixed Soho loft. I love how the decor isn't spare and modern like so many lofts of the recent past. Actually I'm a bit obsessed with the drapes. Doesn't it give the space an elegant feel??

Finally, today is free ship day at Pottery Barn so a good time to stock up on pillows and frames (or xmas gifts).

Happy Monday! 

p.s. One King's Lane didn't pay me to tell you about these sales, but they are an affiliate company, meaning if you join their site through my link and make a purchase, we'll both get $15. Win-win, right?!

Friday, October 10, 2014

High Five Local Friday

I would miss the long, lazy days of summer -- if it weren't for the fact that there are so many fun things happening right now to keep me busy!

Instead of a list of my favorite things from the past seven days, this week's High Five is all about what I'm looking forward to in my town over the next few days.

1. Friends Book Sale
I love books and I love to support our local library. So possibly early tomorrow morning I will head over to the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Annual Fall Used Book Sale. They have a popular selection of fiction and nonfiction books for readers of all ages. Hardcover books are $1, paperbacks are 50 cents and all children's books are a quarter. Maybe I'll find a copy of Gone Girl and not be the last person on earth to read it?! 

2. Maker Studio 
Our library is on the cutting edge by creating a maker studio with two locations: one inside the library and one downtown in the Marriott hotel. So possibly I will also take my kids to check it out. They have lots of Legos, a 3D printer, a loom, and who knows what else for DIYing. Read more about it here.

3. Designer Yard Sale
A local interior designer posted about a yard sale that one of her clients is having this weekend at 745 Touraine Avenue. She says that the client has excellent taste in antiques, rugs, quilts, and collectible dishes. The sale starts Saturday at 10:00 and runs until about 2 p.m. and gets cheaper on Sunday (again beginning at 10:00). I mapped it and the house is a gorgeous old brick built in 1929,  so worth going to the sale just to see it up close!

4. Block Party
This is our first October in our house and our first time being invited to the neighborhood party. There will be a color run and bike parade for the kids, potluck (our street provides the veggies), and MSU vs Purdue football on a big screen in someone's driveway. This radio interview from a few years ago talks about our neighborhood. Here's a quote:

"The one group of homes that’s well known in East Lansing is the Lantern Hill group of homes, which was designed for faculty members. For the most part, no basements, flat roofs, fairly modest homes within walking distance of the campus, designed by a Boston architect, Hugh Stubbins. All of those homes have been remodeled, expanded, somewhat changed. I think more important than the individual homes is the whole idea of the community, and the people who live on Lantern Hill are very much aware of the history of their little section of the city."
The State Historic Preservation Office also put together a mid-century modern tour available here. The address info for the first two houses is not totally accurate (curse my internal editor) but I was excited to see that one is a house I've designed for in the past!

For their dining area

For the front of their living room
For the back of the living room

5. Batman vs. Superman

My son outgrew superheroes but I never did. So you can imagine how excited I am about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming at the Broad art museum this week! Check out the slideshow of images of the museum here.

And one final thing that I'm not doing but so wish I was: the Airborne Toxic Event is performing at a club in the shadow of the state capitol on Sunday night. They are the one band that I have always really wanted to see live... But even if I didn't have kids to put to bed and a job to get up for on Monday, tickets are sold out. Wah wah wah! Two favorite songs for all of us who can't go: All I Ever Wanted and Sometime Around Midnight.

Happy weekend!!


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