Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dressing Room Design

Imagine dedicating an entire room just to your wardrobe... Can you picture it? A place to not only store your clothing but to actually display it. There'd be space for your skirts and blouses to stretch out, making it so much easier to see what you have. Instead of scarves and belts being buried in drawers or hidden behind closed doors, they could serve as the decor in the room. Same for bags and shoes.

And why not? We have a room for dining even though we may eat takeout on the couch while binge watching episodes of Riverdale. {Are you watching this show?! So good!}

Creating a stylish dressing room was the design challenge I was recently given. I chose the industrial globe pendant in antiqued brass for my room design. It's on sale for what I consider a decent price ($179.10) and since this is all make-believe anyway, I chose three. It would be the right amount of light for the space.
Another lighting option that would be even more affordable is the Henri swag kit in bronze for $71.10. While it's intended to be used with a shade, I would use it without in order to keep the glam-industrial feel. Also available from Arhaus.

Since my pretend dressing room is a converted bedroom, I decided on a pair of bookcases with an upper and lower rod between the two for blouses on top and slacks/skirts on the bottom. The Billy Bookcase from IKEA would work great for this purpose. Shoes, bags, belts, and other accessories would be displayed on the open shelves. Inside the cupboards, I would store the necessary things that I don't want everyone to see. Dress forms would be a fun addition for holding scarves or trying outfits.

An upholstered lounging chair and privacy screen would allow me to get dressed while visiting. Another bonus of the screen is that it brings in some big pattern. I'd love to give a DIY screen a try with one of the new fabrics from Liberty of London. Oscar Wilde said that "Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper" which seems a fitting recommendation for a room dedicated to the art of getting dressed.

A big beautiful mirror, a small end table, and a bench with some texture round out the design. I could also imagine a vanity table in this room -- I would add some skirting in a contrasting fabric and a tilting mirror for putting on my face.

What would you do with an extra bedroom? Do you need help pulling a room together? I would love to help design your space!

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