Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We've Moved!

Well, hello there. 

We've moved into our new house. Finally!!

The Daily Mail
It was quite the celebration. 

In reality, though, our new house is far enough from the action that I had no inkling of the riot (or whatever you want to call it) until I saw the newspaper. But our team is going to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1988 and that is VERY exciting!

There are tons of fluffy white snowflakes outside my window, Christmas carols on my radio, snowpants & boots waiting for me to walk(!!) to pick up kids from school, and Hershey's candy cane kisses in my belly. Life is good. For us. For now.

I really liked this post by Emily from Jones Design Company today about when life is not good. When the holidays magnify heartache instead of joy

And the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes has begun. Today is day 2 and the lovely Lisa of Shine Your Light has thoughtful tips on how to enjoy the season as well as decorate your home.

What's it like where you are today?


  1. Congratulations Carrie! So happy for you and your family!

  2. Congratulations!! What a tough time of year to move...you're brave!!

  3. excited to see some pics of the new house here soon; keep up the great posts

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to your design posts.


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