Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yin Yang

My mind is just pinging with ideas, friends! It's that yin-yang of time off matched against time in the office. The lazy days of summer turning back toward the business of autumn. Or maybe it's just that second cup of coffee today paired with some great reading!

First up is this AMAZING New Orleans home. A house full of both drama and soul.

All images via One Kings Lane

My favorite quote: “I can’t say enough about trays. I want to open a store that sells nothing but trays.” Praise hands! And how about the way the ping pong paddles are casually stored in an ice bucket? All of the art on the walls! Or that refreshing mix of colors? I love every bit!!!

All images via Domino

Next up is this stunning home. The black walls, the mirrored wall, the layered art. It's all so perfectly mixed! My absolute favorite is the pattern on the skirted console--I'm not a card player but those clubs are fun!

I found both tours via Kevin O'Gara's story about new Southern style. He is definitely one to watch!

via Claire Brody Designs

Another favorite of mine is Claire Brody who posted about working on a big design project. I love reading about how other designers present their ideas to clients.

Along the same lines, I really enjoyed House Beautiful's 13 Things Designers Notice the First Time They Enter Your Home. If you think it's going to be judgmental, you'll be quite happily surprised!

Finally, the India Hicks fall line has been revealed and it is so gorgeous and exciting! Please let me know if there is anything you can't live without! Or feel free to shop the collection here.

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