Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Open Concept Inspirations

As I mentioned, there are no interior walls in the main living space of our home (entry, living room, kitchen, dining area). 

Here are some photos of other rooms that make good inspiration for decorating our space.

This actually looks a little like my house :)

What I love about this room is the amazing custom ceiling. Our house has cathedral ceilings so this feels a little bit like a possibility. I also really love all the white including the white cabinets and the light-colored slipcovered sofas. It really makes it feel light and airy.

open concept

I really like the light-colored sofas in this room and the off-white cabinets, just like in the first room. But the dark bar stools and coffee table offer contrast that is more like what we have in our house. I am happy to see it done so successfully. We have dark hardwood in the kitchen and dining area and a dark TV cabinet and bookcase. The key to this room, I think, is that most of the accents are also light (note the white lamp base and pale blue pillows).

cute sitting area

I like the wainscoting on the bar in this room. The drywall under our bar has gotten pretty scuffed up from little feet so this seems like a great solution. (In fact, being fairly unaccustomed to drywall vs. plaster, and having active kids, I'm leaning toward adding wainscoting many, many places.) I also like the way the natural elements (jute rug, wicker chairs, and bamboo shades) also help make the room feel more beachy. For sure I could achieve a little bit of this look simply by getting one of those gorgeous big glass lamps for behind our couch.

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