Friday, June 29, 2012


So a big trend right now is painting vertical stripes on your walls.

Emily A. Clark has a step-by-step on how she did it here. This room and the rest of her last house is featured in the July issue of Better Homes & Gardens! I was so excited to see the article that I checked it out of the library before realizing I had already received my copy at home. :)


The mom at IHeart Organizing recently posted about upholstering her sons' headboards, which are in a room that has vertical painted stripes. Follow the link below the photo to see how she transformed those beds. That's pretty amazing, too! I can only imagine how cozy it would be to read bedtime stories against a soft headboard.

And Melissa has some tips on how to paint crisp lines at The Inspired Room. 

I like how nautical the stripes make the different rooms (dining room, boy bedroom, and entryway) all feel. Now I need to decide which room I want to try this on in my house. 

My choices: 
  • Small wall in dining area
  • Master bath
  • Bela's bedroom (my daughter LOVES rainbows)
  • Griffin's bedroom (shamelessly copying IHeart Organizing :) 
And what about chevron stripes? Should I even begin to think about that?! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oops! That should have been horizontal stripes. I was still feeling my allergies when I wrote this post. ~Carrie

  2. Debbie W. painted stripes in her laundry room - I'm sure she'd be happy to help you/give you advice. She borrowed my laser level - you are welcome to it too if you go the stripe-y route! :)

  3. Thanks, Sara! I'll have to ask her about her stripes, and I'd love to borrow your laser level if I end up doing some stripes. Thank you! :)

  4. I did vertical stripes in my kitchen a couple years ago...still like it :-) Lots' of work involved though...

    Aunt Sally


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