Friday, August 3, 2012

Griffin's Turn

I couldn't very well do a room for Bela and not do something for Griffin, now could I?? :)

There's something about bunk beds that just screams "boy" to me. In fact, part of the reason for wanting to give Bela a new bed is that I want to reunite her bed with Griffin's; they are part of a bunk bed set.

I like how the bunks in this inspiration photo have book racks and reading lamps by each. That's a great solution to not having a nightstand, especially for a boy like Griffin who enjoys reading before bed.

In anticipation of the bunk bed reunion, I've moved Griffin's bed to the one available long wall. I gave him a more grown up looking blanket on his bed that coordinates better with the rest of the colors in his room. The blanket was actually the one I had on my dorm bunk bed during my freshman year of college.

The display shelf was already on the wall and to it, I added some of Griffin's favorite books. I also hung some other things above and below the shelf to take up more of the wall space and create a focal point that is the right scale for the size of the wall. When there are bunk beds there we won't need as much stuff on the wall but for now the amount of wall from bed to ceiling is pretty huge.

This display works from a design standpoint because there are an odd number of pieces (five): calendar, pennant, shelf, self-drawing, and Harry Potter wall-hanging. Less obvious from this photo is the way the colors pull your eye across the entire vignette. So the blue of the pennant on the top is replicated in the HP wall hanging below and across; the bright colors of the calendar appear in the book cover for Eric Carle's Mister Seahorse on the shelf.

Griffin has a few very special pieces in his room, all with a special connection to his grandpa (my dad). The first is his castle bookcase, built for him when he was a toddler.

It's pretty large so it gets its own wall between the bedroom door and the closet. I added a Zelda shield that Griffin bought with birthday money a few years ago to the top. To me, it recalls the Knights of Camelot. To Griffin, it will mean something else entirely. ;)  

I filled the shelves with his books, trading cards, action figures, and other knickknacks, including a globe. 

The color scheme for the room is inspired by the globe and maps on his wall. Since most of the furniture is gray with touches of green, this works pretty well.

Griffin's Lego table (built by grandpa as a Christmas gift a few years ago) was moved to the area by his windows. When the blinds are open, he has a gorgeous view of our backyard. It will be nice for him to be able to play and look out at nature.

This photo looks pretty boring to me. In the future, I want to add some drapes to these windows. Right now, I imagine them to be dark blue (to coordinate with the color I want to paint the walls) and have rugby stripes. I also would like to paint the base of the Lego table gray to coordinate with the bookcase and desk.

The top of the desk was built by my dad. It lifts off and the bases can be moved. Pottery Barn has sold this style of desk in its stores and catalogs, but my bases are hand-me-downs.  The drawer pulls are from Pottery Barn, though. I bought them for a kitchen many houses ago. When they didn't work there, I added them to this gem and I love how it turned out.

So what do you think?? Will it suit a nine year old boy?

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