Thursday, August 23, 2012

Busy busy

It's been over a week since my last post. While I haven't totally forgotten about design, I've had that busy feeling that can quickly morph into hyperventilating and unsuccessful multitasking.

The balance between work and home. Projects to support the family and caring for that family. Office and laundry room. Sometimes it's all a bit much. 

Rather than blogging about my decorating and organizing experiences--or even trying to have any such ideas--my creative outlet over the past week has been different. I went to yoga (twice!), walked my dog and played at the park with the family, cooked with a friend, had dinner with my parents, checked out a gazillion books from the library, and am headed out on a big vacation with my lovey starting tomorrow night. 

I also discovered that a new season of Sarah's House starts September 1st on HGTV. We definitely love TV in this house and I love Sarah Richardson's designs. Below is a sneak peek of her new kitchen. Per The Inspired Room, this season Sarah and Tommy are transforming a builder's beige box into a dream home. It should be interesting since I am living in a newer construction with plenty of the builder's design choices as my decor.

I hope to have some more interesting, joyful posts in a few days once I've truly caught my breath. For now, I'm headed off to color some Barbie pages with my little-loose-tooth girl, print the invitations for a work event, and continue to tackle that mountain of laundry...

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