Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Dream Home

The other night I dreamed about my house. These dreams occur regularly enough, and over the years I've figured out that they aren't really so much about where I live as who I am. In dreams, the house represents my identity. 

For a long time, I would dream that I found a fantastic house, but it had shadowy, hidden rooms filled with ghosts. I was terrified by the mystery of these rooms. Another time, I dreamed that I had the perfect house but it was making me very sick.

After I got divorced, the house dreams changed. I now had the courage to go into these hidden rooms and found that they weren't scary. In fact, it was exciting to have the extra space. Usually there were two kitchens (I'm not sure what that meant). And one night I dreamed that I had a really nice house if I could just get rid of all the junk the last owner had left there. 

The other night, though, the house in my dream was so like the one I live in today it seemed like an omen. Like I am where I am supposed to be. The only difference was that the ceiling was more like the one in the photo above (mine is just drywall and no beams). 

If only I had photos of some of the other dream houses... :)

Do you ever dream about houses? Do you think they represent your identity (or are they just places)? Please let me know in the comments section. I'm very curious!

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