Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prepping for 31 Days: Week One Theme

Part of my plan for blogging every day in October is to prepare now, even though it is not quite mid-September. Prior planning is the key to being more organized. So I've made a list of all 31 projects, which I then organized into weekly mini-themes. 

Fall has always been associated with homecoming, and week one will focus on making ours more peaceful. Specifically, I am planning to do a lot of projects in our mudroom/laundry room.

This is the main entrance for the four of us, and it is where I do the wash. For such a tiny space, it carries a heavy burden. Making it functional is hugely important to whether we get to school on time and if we are doing so in clean undies.  :)

 Inspiration photo from Prudent Baby

So a question for you: as I accomplish my organizing goals should I take a "Before" picture to share here? Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!  

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  1. I like your laundry room - I also want you to organize my crafts area!


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