Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, Monday

Holy smokes!! Another week is upon us! I have a hunch that life is just going to keep racing like a runaway train for at least a few weeks as we prepare for the inspection of our current house and continue the search for our new home (which is to say nothing of jobs, school, and a super cutie's seventh birthday). 

It's not all work, though. We did make it to an MSU football game and tailgate this weekend. 


We have to be "out" of our house by Halloween, so just about seven weeks from now. 

Martha Stewart

Quickly and efficiently de-cluttering is going to be at the top of my agenda... if I don't totally lose my mind. I did get several nice, big boxes on Friday and have started packing things we don't use on a regular basis like board games and flip-flops. Now if only we could find a house like this in our price range...

But, on the up-side, this gorgeous bracelet is on sale again. Normally $199.00 it is marked down to $24.00 today (I have no idea how long that will last, nor do I get anything for sharing with you other than good will! :)

Victoria Emerson
What do you have planned for this week? Once I got this out of the way this morning, my day brightened up considerably!!


  1. Good luck with finding your dream house Carrie! Sending you positive energy to make your dream home come to life. And, I look forward to your posts about the new space and your designs.


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