Friday, September 20, 2013

The Before

So I teased today that we had gotten the house, but then showed you pictures of a totally different house... WHO does that?!  :)

Here are the photos of the house we are planning to buy. The inspection is next week; things could still all go to hell with the deal, but I am going to practice having a little faith in things working out.


We weren't even sure we wanted to see this one initially, but the clock was ticking. We needed to find a house and get the process of buying underway since we were definitely selling our house. This one was #7 on a list of eight houses we powered through one night last week after work. 

All of the ones before it were just not quite right. Too busy. Too expensive. Too much work. Wrong area. This one felt way different, though. In fact, even driving through the neighborhood to get to the house felt different. Quieter with wider streets and bigger yards.

It's a tri-level built in 1959. Above is the view from the front door looking through to the door to the backyard. The dining room is on the left, kitchen to the right.

It doesn't have a dishwasher. Or a microwave. I don't mind washing dishes, though, and I've already introduced the kids to the idea that it will be their new chore. I swear, they are excited! :)

This room is on the other side of the bar in the kitchen and next to the front entry. We are calling it the den.

Down a few steps is the laundry area, which doesn't feel like it is in a regular basement since it has the egress windows at ground level. 

Up a few steps is the living room. This is one half of the room with a fireplace in the center. And if you head up the stairs in this picture you will get to bedroom level.

Four bedrooms total. One will work as our office for now.

I have loads of ideas for how to decorate this space and think it's going to be a lot of fun! Of course, first we have to close on the deal and move in.

Oh, and to keep my mind off what I cannot do yet, I'm madly redesigning for everyone else. Like Sandy Coughlin, the Reluctant Entertainer, and one of my favorite famous people, who is repainting her kitchen and asked for color suggestions on FB. 

I know she likes greens but since she's already done that, I suggested something wildly new to make it worth painting. 


Enter Valspar coral peach (mixed with white--a lot of white--to tone it down to a subtle neutral). That shade would play up the reds in her cabinets and floor, and make it feel really warm, as well as coordinate with the accessories she already has. For the photo wall, though, I would contrast it with a bright blue like Valspar's classic royal blue. Note that's just about the same color as the dutch oven on her stove. 

What do you think? And do you have a room I can re-imagine?? Please let me know!


  1. We also just went under contract to buy a new house! And I just got off the phone with some inspectors! The waiting game is hard, I agree!! Hope things go smoothly for yall till closing!


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