Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DesignPOST Guesting

Hey y'all! Today I am over at my blogging friend Beth's for her fun Take Two series. I hope you'll head over there to read all about it!

While you're there, check out her DIYs. She has pages and pages of inspiration. If you need a project, this is the place! Beth is so creative and has a really fresh eye for color and pattern. A few of my favorites are featured here:

I love the way this console is styled. Beth made both the black & white art and the colorful collage as well as the tassels!

More of Beth's fun art. I love the different shapes and color combos. The little cutie pictured here is her daughter Harper whose beautiful nursery you can spot in the background.
I love this inexpensive console skirt ... and the DIY scribble art above it!
A fun tray makeover for the bar or the bedroom.

Super cute napkin rings made with drapery rings and thread.

Plus, Beth is amazing at creating a sense of community--from encouraging other bloggers through local meet-ups to giving back through volunteer work.

Isn't she an inspiration?! 


  1. You know, I used to hesitate to put up some of my own work in my home because I was afraid that it might seem self-absorbed somehow, but these days I paint whatever I want and hang it right up, because it's always more personalized that way, and I can design just what I imagine without so much cost. However, there certainly is plenty of admiration to feel for someone who can go to a store and spot a seemingly random object, take it home and put it out and have it look just right. It's like some kind of magic when I meet someone like that.

  2. Carrie you are too sweet! Thank you for really making my day with this post! I loved having you on my blog!


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