Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Yesterday I saw tiger lilies blooming here in Michigan's capital city. Where I grew up in northern Michigan, these always bloomed on the Fourth of July. Which, I figured out, is only a week away! Which means our wedding is getting sooo close!!

Detroit Free Press
Our reception is outdoors on the campus at Michigan State University so I was alarmed when I heard that the corpse flower was blooming there for the first time since 2010. The smell of death should be gone after this week. Aren't those musical words?! It appears to be quite the attraction, though, with two-hour wait times to sniff & pose with it.

Now on to hoping that the mosquitoes aren't swarming and the biblical amount of rain we have received so far this summer quits...

Our wedding colors include a lot of hot pink and my bouquet will also have lots of red in it. The bridesmaids are wearing pale pink dresses. There will be navy stripes on the tables and the men are wearing black tuxedos. Succulents will be mixed in, too.

I have picked out the daddy-daughter dance song and my mother-in-law-to-be is choosing the one for her and my fiance. I think I may have narrowed down our first dance song and still have a lot of choosing to do for the wedding ceremony at church. But, I found a list that had "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Poison as a cake cutting song! I'd love to have a conga line with this song which is part of the soundtrack from Beetlejuice. My daughter, however, is terrified of that movie, and beetles in general.

We celebrated birthdays at work this week and someone brought in a cake from where we are getting our wedding cake. A bakery whose slogan is "where butter makes it better." Sooo good! My kids and I have been stopping there all week for treats after camp. :)

I'm having a bit of an internal struggle because I just. love. wreaths so much and didn't order one. And I need to pick out a few other last minute small details like a cake topper. Otherwise it really feels like things are falling into place!

Cake toppers are just ridiculously expensive, right? 

The Old Navy $1 flip flop sale commences this Saturday!

I'm going to have to come up with a clever hash tag.

Only 24 days left. Eeek!!! (but it's a good eeek!) :) 
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  1. So excited for you! Glad that smell will be gone by then. :-)


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