Monday, April 27, 2015

Modern Manners

Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top is written by Dorothea Johnson, founder of the Protocol School of Washington, and her granddaughter Liv Tyler, actress and daughter of Aerosmith lead singer/American Idol judge Steven Tyler.

The purpose of manners (and the book itself) is to instruct the reader in how to show common courtesy and small kindnesses to our fellow humans. In fact, Tyler writes in the foreword that although her family may appear more rock-and-roll than Rockefeller, her grandmother has always appeared to have a special grace and natural elegance that brings out the best in others.

It's a pretty little book with easy-to-access tips on how to handle a variety of social and professional situations. The book is full of illustrations, do's and don'ts, and cultural practices from around the world and throughout history.

The book is billed as being for young professionals in any field and those who wish to take their career up a notch. It also has tips for presenting oneself socially (and I would say is a good resource for any parent who wants to instill these values in their kids).

The contents of Modern Manners include:
  • Meetings and Greetings
  • On the Job (including cover letters, interviewing tips, and business attire)
  • Electronic Communications
  • Out and About
  • Dining Skills
  • The Savvy Host
Modern Manners can be read cover-to-cover or used as a handy reference when an issue of protocol comes up in your life. The attractive cover makes it something you'll want to keep out as a decorative element in a room. I intend to stack my copy on top of a selection of other coffee table-type books.

This book can be purchased online from One Kings Lane.

I received this book from Blogging for Books; however, the thoughts contained in this review are all mine.

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