Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where We Work

Now that I am not commuting--and since I don't have wee little ones at home--when I go to work, I actually go to an office and I love it!

By day, I work for a legal history nonprofit. I have a large wonderful board of directors, but I am the only employee. One of our most interesting tasks is maintaining a portrait collection. I am not an attorney, but my background is in nonprofits, specifically law-related communications.

This is how my office looks on an ordinary day. Is a messy desk the sign of a busy person? We do have several projects going currently.

One of the things I like best about my office is how it reflects not only my own personality but our mission. It is decorated with books, flowers, and art that have been part of our work. Rather than keep those things hidden away in boxes (of which we have a few anyway), I put them out on display.

To create additional storage, I even brought this antique stereo cabinet (below) from home. I think it gives the space a bit more personality than something you'd find from a big box store.


But, my dream is to open an office dedicated to interior decorating. Maybe my husband (who is the business-side) will be my partner or maybe my daughter in about 15 years. Or just maybe one or more of the many creatives that are already working in my community will want to work together???

My ENFJ personality pretty much requires that I be surrounded by people. And so I also imagine our clients and others popping by the office to see what we are working on, having a chat and a cup of coffee. Dance parties when we score a new client. Yoga in our conference room. Maybe a podcast like this one. Doesn't it all sound so lovely???

Even though it is lightyears away from happening, I've found the perfect building and ogle it every morning on my drive to the office. It's biking distance from my house, and right at the edge of Michigan State University's beautiful campus. The walls are no longer this awesome shade of radiant orchid, but that fantastic chandelier is still there.

If I was in one of many fabulous cities like NYC, Boston, Austin, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, or Miami, we wouldn't have to wait for someday. There's a brilliant group called WeWork, a coworking company, that offers memberships to business people who need an office, a conference room, a sense of community. Besides those nine cities, they are international with locations in London, Israel, and Amsterdam.

There are 14 WeWork locations in New York City alone, with a 15th coming soon, and another in Brooklyn. Check out a few of my favorites from the Big Apple below:

West Broadway

West Broadway
West Empire State
West Empire State
42nd Street

Park South

Check out the website here for additional images of their locations and to learn more about their innovative services.

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