Monday, October 5, 2015

Decorating Tip 5: Life's a Stage

Totally cringing this morning because I promised you all a decorating tip per day this month and here it is, the fifth day, and I'm just getting down to business. 

It feels like figuring this out, though, is part of what the challenge is supposed to be teaching me. Because Friday I worked at my nonprofit job, met with a client to grow the decorating business, and saw a favorite friend for lunch. Saturday I tried to figure out a new way to post that would make it easier (spoiler: it didn't work). All along the way, I'm learning to be gentle with myself even as I dream bigger. 

And as I rush around, forgetting things here and there, but otherwise living my dream there's that fear, that nasty nagging voice, that asks "who do you think you are? of course you forgot that thing. you should just quit now. why did you think you could pull this off? what makes you so special???" 

Do you know that voice? I don't like it very much. Luckily, I'm reading a great book right now that argues for thinking big and cherishes those who think differently. The book is called The One Thing, and I just discovered it was written by one of the founders of the real estate company Keller-Williams

This seems like the perfect time to talk about HOME STAGING. The condition of your home is so important that it takes up two of the seven steps on Keller-Williams' checklist for selling a home.

To read some of my thoughts on home staging, check out these posts:

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You can also see my last house staged for sale here.

Even if you are not selling your house, you can still stage it for the life you want to live!

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