Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Decorating Tip: Day 27

When mixing colors to create a neutral palette, stick to a spectrum rather than a specific color family.

Kara Rosenlund
With this tip, you can mix brown & gray with black & tan without feeling like you've done something "wrong." There are gradations of color and they work nicely together to create a neutral palette. Too much of any one color would make it feel less serene. *Also be sure to check out the link to see even more of this beautiful Australian home.


I'm using this theory with my outfit today: black slacks, blue-grey-black top, and mushroom colored sweater. It works, and it's also contributing to me feeling really calm. That may also be because I've tweaked my morning routine. Instead of taking my shower last and hurrying through getting ready (usually walking my daughter to school with wet hair--not cool when it's only 37 degrees), I woke up just a few minutes earlier and took my shower first, before the rest of my family.

Now I want to say something deep about how this 31-day writing challenge--which got majorly sidetracked around day 17--has still taught me so much about myself. And that with this self-knowledge, I've made other important changes in my daily routines. Because for some weird reason, October is always the month I do some sort of challenge (take a break from Facebook, stop listening to music in the car, go without makeup, quit coffee). This time around I find myself subscribed to Stitch Fix, making healthy dinners, and keeping up on laundry. Because I am an upholder and because we are planning to use these daily tips to promote the decorating side of the business, I will go back and fill in the holes. For now, though, I'm just happy to be back in the blogging saddle!

Linking up with Meg, even though today is not Monday.


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