Monday, July 2, 2012

My Happy Place

This weekend was busy, but very happy. 

On Sunday morning, we went to IKEA. Their only Michigan store is about an hour from the village. I had not been there in over four years. (!!) I don't know why. It is the most amazing place in the world. There were so many things I wanted to splurge on: lanterns, foldable boxes, clear lucite chairs, new white picture frames. The list could go on and on, and the prices are so unbelievably affordable. We bought a few little items, and one big purchase! 


The Hemnes three-drawer chest is a solidly-constructed brown-black dresser. It will hold loads of clothes, which is good because my lovey has at least a zillion tee-shirts. We needed the new dresser to supplement what is currently in my bedroom because he has come to live with me.

We spent the weekend moving in. Already I am so happy with how easily our "things" mesh together,  just like our personalities.

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