Friday, March 7, 2014

More Dining Room Planning: Skirted Console Table

Earlier this week I wrote about my plans for creating a plate wall in our dining area. 

The other area that needs major attention in this space is the open console table between the table and the kitchen. 

This is how it looked at Christmas. Blah!

I have mentally struggled with how to style the console so that it doesn't look so busy.

via Canadian House & Home

It would be great if we didn't need to store things here like our pencil sharpener and other school supplies. In other words, just straight up decorate it. But my kids do their homework at the table so the busy-ness stays.

source unknown :(
A closed console would be awesome for hiding all of the functionality that we need. I totally dig how this one resembles an old library card catalog. But I don't want to spend (much) money on this project.
Palmer Weiss?
Then, inspiration! I could disguise all the busy-ness with a console skirt. 

via So Haute
It could bring some color and/or pattern into the space depending on the textiles I choose. I really like the ribbon banding on these inspiration tables.

via So Haute
It should still be pretty easy for the kids to get the things they need from under the skirt. And, depending on the fabric I choose, not too expensive to implement. 

Domino Magazine via Powell Brower Home
This image is my favorite of all. Such a gorgeous use of space!! How amazing is every single element??

I found this tutorial from Little Green Notebook on how to make a no-sew table skirt. Now to find my fabric and ribbon, and get started!


  1. I think skirted tables are the best combo of function and pretty!!

  2. I think that's a perfect idea for your console Carrie! GO for it!

  3. Such a great idea... I love this look!

    The Glam Pad

  4. I love a skirted console skirt and think it's a fabulous idea. GrayLine Linens has great pricing on linen if you are looking for that. Let me know if you need any help. xo Nancy


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