Friday, April 4, 2014

High Five Friday

It's the weeeeekend!!  

1. The ORC and Linking Party started this week, which is a little bit like the first day of summer camp. You wonder which friends are in your bunk and know that you'll be doing some arts & crafts and maybe shedding some homesick tears. 

2. I went #homegoodshappy shopping yesterday for my One Room Challenge, and came home with a picture of this garden stool. Is it divine intervention? Because it could work with the plan I have -- or it could lead to other things...

3. a room that has this Bob Collins and Sons Bamboo and Birds. It was my original inspiration but I dismissed it because I only need half a roll and couldn't find any small batches for sale. Tell me design lovers: anyone know where I can score just a teensy bit? It could look like this >>

Meg Braff via The Glam Pad

4. I updated my blog layout to incorporate the Instagram widget but was completely lost when it came to linking up a list of my favorite blogs. I tried and tried but it just wouldn't save. ?? Tips are appreciated. I have no idea (clearly) what I'm doing wrong.

5.  It's spring break here in East Lansing, Michigan, and since we are not headed to a warm & sunny destination, I think I'll take my aspiring artists to this museum one day next week for a little culture (washed down with some 5 Guys Burgers & Fries). 

What do you have planned for this first weekend of spring at last, spring at last?!


  1. Oh how I love Home Goods. That wallpaper is so pretty and would look oh so good with that garden stool. I hope you can find a bit.

  2. Orange is a fave of mine. Gorgeous wallpaper; I hope you find what you need.

  3. I love the bamboo and birds wallpaper! Maybe you need to use more!


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