Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five: It's Friday!

Happy Friday! It's a gorgeously sunny day here in Michigan, with the promise of even more and better days to come. 

via Southshore Decorating blog

1. I didn't give you all any photos with yesterday's One Room Challenge update, sorry!! Next week I promise to have some photographic evidence of what's happening in that space. Until then, this is another favorite inspiration image of a sitting area. I love how compact the space is and that it's open to the dining area with good light. Or, maybe it's just the brown couch... Anyhoo, it reminds me of what I'm trying to accomplish with my "keep" (short for keeping room).

Farzin Montazersadgh / FarzinPhoto
2. The reason that I just called it in yesterday? The ORC bumped up against a work event in my other life as a nonprofit executive director. The biggest event of the year for us, and yesterday's was the biggest in our history. It was held at the stunning venue shown above, which I now know how to get to as well as I do my parents' house. Bonus? The newsletter that I write has been getting better and better as I improve my storytelling skills with this blog. :)

via MSU Arboretum
(not my wedding party obviously, but aren't the parasols cute??)

3. Only 99 days left until my wedding this summer!!! Time to make some things that are only in my mind happen in real life (like caterers and florists and bridesmaid dresses and a million other little things that matter).

4. Which seems like a fine time to start a #100happydays project. For the next 100 days I'll post a picture on Instagram of what's making me happy. It's not a competition or showing-off contest, but a way to appreciate the moment.

Midori Design Group via Architecture Art Designs

Domaine Home

5. A couple reasons to not go too wild re-decorating my ORC space: its location near the back door and the kitchen would make it a perfect laundry room or mudroom in the future. Until then, I will focus on what I can do to make it prettier right now

And LOVE-ing this Polish proverb for keeping it all in perspective!

I'll be around to visit all the One Room Challenge and Link-up participants by the end of this weekend. Thanks so much to all of you who have stopped by to encourage me!!! It means so much! :)


  1. TGIF!! It's getting nicer here on the coast too! Have a great weekend!

  2. I had no idea you had a wedding coming up! How exciting!!


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