Thursday, April 24, 2014

ORC Week 4: Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper

This is week four of the One Room Challenge Link-Up and the hardest because it's where I have to come to terms with the reality of what I can do (and NOT do). I am transforming the little room off the kitchen that I call the Keep: short for Keeping Room.

Reality, for me, is all about the wallpaper. 

Albert Hadley via ec dicken
I desperately want this one called Bamboo & Birds by Bob Collins and Sons. 

It is the desktop image on my computer monitor and there is a tiny print-out of it in the room I am re-making. I have scoured Etsy and eBay for just a little bit of it. I begged here and there, and Andrea suggested I try to find samples to purchase. Brilliant! I went directly to the source -- the Bob Collins and Sons website -- where I saw some perfect-sized samples! They are in the right corner of the photo below, nearly hidden by the sofa. See all the different colorways? I think I could do my whole house in their patterns!!

So, I sent a request through the online contact form and got an email back from Layla Collins(!), Bob's widow who now runs the company from West Palm Beach. She was extremely gracious and professional, however, I think that supplying a relatively unknown blogger with samples is not what a company that attracts BIG design names like Albert Hadley, Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, and Meg Braff specializes in... I could be wrong, though!

Meg Braff via The Glam Pad
Then, I found another company online. Eades Discount Designer Wallpapers and Fabrics in New York City didn't have the gigantic samples but they did give me a great quote (less than $300 for a double-roll shipped!!). But that is still significantly higher than what I can afford and a double-roll is just way more than I need.
I started mulling over alternatives. Designer Wallcoverings and Fabrics has this tropical Hawaiian print that resembles Bamboo and Birds in color (peachy-orange bamboo leaves and blue accents, no birds). But, you have to buy it as a triple-roll, which means it is almost as expensive as my first choice with a ton of extra. :(

Since my goal is to give the space a Palm Beach vibe I thought about some other tropical patterns. In fact, One Kings Lane has great prices right now on these two Thibaut prints, in a smaller quantity, perfect for what I am trying to do. 

A bamboo pattern in a nice blue.

A fun tropical-leaf pattern.

Extremely poor mockup of the wall behind the sofa with Bamboo & Birds
Of course, these require professional installation. Another issue for sure. I have removed wallpaper but never, ever hung it. Do I want to spend $300 on my dream paper and then not hang it properly? Nope! Check out how I wrecked it with PhotoShop above (the scale is wayyyy off; the repeat would be about a third of what I've represented). 

Additional options rolling around in my brain include a patterned wrapping paper that can be used like wallpaper with this tutorial from Jones Design Company here. Or, painting on a pattern like this or stenciling something like this.

I haven't given up all hope yet. But I'm close. 

Here's to more progress in week four! Now please go check out the rest of the linking participants here and the 20 Design Pros here


  1. Those wallpapers are so fun! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Sorry to hear you had trouble tracking down your dream paper :(
    Have you tried looking at the Sherwin Williams Easy Change line? I haven't used it, but I they had a pretty large selection and you wouldn't have to be as fearful of mistakes. Good luck next week, can't wait to see what you choose.

  3. Carrie...have you checked out Spoonflower yet? They have wallpaper vendors on there that have done tons of "knockoffs" and will do custom!

  4. Wall paper is awesome! So wish I could use some around here, but we're renting :( Ditto to Sherry's suggestion...definitely check out Spoonflower!


  5. i hope you find the right wallpaper! we have a store here, downtown that carries all sorts of up-scale wallpaper...maybe call them? xoxo dana

  6. Oh no. I'm feeling your heartbreak on this one. I think spoonflower is a good option as well as ebay. I've found some great ones there! Good luck!!

  7. Hey, love the vibe you're going for. Order from Spoonflower!! I hung wallpaper for the very first time in my bathroom and their paper is super easy and forgiving. Plus, it's not prohibitively expensive.

  8. Don't give up!! How about fabric?? Good luck!!

  9. Gosh it is FABULOUS!! Good luck Carrie on finding it. I used Eades on a recent purchase for my powder room. I agree with Kim, try spoonflower- I almost bought from there too.

  10. I agree on Spoonflower, but I say splurge on the Bob Collins. You will love it so much more and be so happy everytime you walk into the room. On the very FEW splurges I've made, I will say i'm 100% happier ;) Good luck!

  11. Hang in! You'll find it!!!! Have a great week 5

  12. Ditto, hang in there! I'm feeling the same way with my little girls running around, losing important items such as my camera chip, and pulling out my hair! I love the wall paper choices. I'm bias to anything blue and the Thibaut prints are gorgeous and a steal!

  13. Reality is totally wallpaper!! I die for the bamboo and birds :)

  14. I have an idea for you! :) How about this Royal Design Studios stencil:

    But then you'd have to figure out how to add the birds in - maybe another stencil? I'll keep my fingers crossed, good luck, Carrie!

  15. I agree with Mallory, I would splurge or wait until I could splurge! The paper is awesome and will MAKE the room - and it is obvious that you have your heart set on it - It will make you so happy to have exactly what you are looking for!

  16. It's funny - I've had the same conversation with myself over wallpapering our bathroom. It really gets expensive when you consider the cost of the wallpaper plus hiring someone! I know that you'll figure out a great solution in the end - it looks like you're headed down the right path!

  17. Sherwin Williams has a line of really gorgeous, inexpensive "EasyChange" wallpapers that you could hang and easily remove if you get tired of the pattern, or decide to splurge on the Bob Collins (which is so FABULOUS). These papers are also great for renters! Here is a recent blog post with just a few of their gorgeous options...

    The Glam Pad

  18. I do love that orange in the wallpaper! The stencil idea is a great backup plan. Good luck!

  19. I can't hang wallpaper, and agree...would not do it myself. Good luck with your choices.

  20. Love these wallpapers! It’s not easy to choose if these are all in my table. But I will choose the orange bamboo and birds in my cabin. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos! Gorgeous!

    Sebastian Chuter


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