Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beam Me Up

Life can be a bitch or a beach, and I think a lot of it has to do with the story we tell ourselves. 

We can wallow in the shitty things that happen in life or we can try, try, try to find something positive, something for which to be grateful.

In fact, that idea of re-framing the situation and telling ourselves a story about it was something that I read about on NPR last year. I can't find the link to the story now. But while I was searching through my Facebook profile for it, I stumbled upon hundreds of messages from friends wishing me a happy birthday and congratulating us on our wedding. I saw photos and videos of my kids. There were funny jokes, and there were pictures that reminded me I am part of a community of really nice people. 
Life is good when I take the time to appreciate it. Our society is as addicted to talking about our problems as we are to constantly checking our smart phones. But maybe if we all start telling ourselves the story of how good things are we can rise above the problems? Maybe our zest for living can become a beacon shining out to others on a dark road???

Anyway, enough deep thoughts for after lunch on a Thursday. How about some design inspiration. Yes? Our house has dark beams and white ceilings on the living room level so I've been loving rooms that incorporate this look.

First, there's the home of today's birthday girl Mila Kunis


She has a very open floor plan. 


Does it seem weird that the dining room is not next to the kitchen? I'm sure it makes sense in the space.

Next up is Camille Styles, who has beams all over her house including her bedroom, shown below. 

Camille Styles

Today I saw this kitchen with dark beams, white walls, and blonde flooring. And it's inspiring my thoughts about our kitchen remodel.

Decorpad via Simple Details
And check out Trillium, one of the 2014 Street of Dreams homes designed by Garrison Hullinger.

Garrison Hullinger
Garrison Hullinger

Are you a fan of dark beams and white ceilings yet? What story are you telling yourself about your life??

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  1. We have beams in the den and we painted them white, totally regret it. I'm considering painting them gray when the painters are here for the master.


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