Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five Friday: August

TGIF!!! I've been spending wayyy too much time in front of a glowing screen lately. It's about time to head somewhere I can put my toes in the sand, and I know just the place... But first, my favorites from the week.

1.  Art Gallery!
Simplest ideas are my favorite. I had been wondering how to better incorporate all the art my kids bring home into our decor. They both recently spent a week at a local gallery's summer camp. This spot near the dining room table, where their photo hangs a bit too high, is absolutely perfect for a rotating series of pieces.

via Krystine Edwards

2. Best of the Nest
The July Best of the Nest has gone live and there is some MAJOR fabulousness happening over there. My faves here, here, and here have given me so many great ideas for my own house!

via Little Green Notebook

3. Up, Up, and Away
Have you seen Jenny Komenda's playroom yet? I am going to be standing in line to buy Domino magazine when the issue with her house comes out. So so so amazing! Yes, that wallpaper is on her ceiling (and the light fixture is from Lowes!)

via Domaine Home

4. Playing Outdoors
Summer is so short-lived in Michigan that I want to spend Every.Single.Moment of it outdoors. I was entranced by this image of a life size chess board, especially since my son is teaching his sister (and me!) to play. The rest of the article about the Parker Palm Springs is equally amazing with stunning photos and links to purchase your own items.

5. The Internship
We watched The Internship with Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson last weekend. I loved it! Lots of humor and a sweet message about friendship and being the kind of person you'd want to hang out with.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. great picks! we actually have plans to make a big outdoor chess board like that one....someday (we have so MANY plans ;))

  2. Great links...The Little Green Notebook playroom is so fun....I just adore yellow curtains in general so love that she added those...and of course the wallpaper is so perfect!


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