Thursday, August 28, 2014

Growth and Design Dilemmas

I'm nearly finished with a BIG project at work that has tested me mentally. This project has made me work harder than I have in a long time. When I finally realized the discomfort was growth, it helped me to stop resisting and start appreciating the process. And it will result in a better, stronger product.

It also reinforced the idea that I do not want to write a book. Because don't all bloggers turn into authors nowadays?! No, what I really want to do is design rooms. My dream is to help people make their homes reflect a more stylish, functional version of their best self.

After I sent the last project email today, I discovered the Design Dilemma section of Houzz through Twitter (two programs I just really never use and know so little about).

This person wanted help choosing a wall color for her kitchen. I suggested Navajo White by Behr. It's a warm white with a yellowish base that would look great with her beautiful tile backsplash and granite counters.
This person wanted to know if she should add an area rug and maybe paint an accent wall. I said definitely to the area rug and suggested she pick one of the less dominant colors from the area rug for an accent wall behind the TV. I also commented that choosing a rug is like choosing art: it's very personal. You have to pick what you love.

This person wanted to know where to mount their TV. I disagreed with virtually everyone in the universe by saying yes to mounting the TV over the fireplace. It seems high but is actually nice because you recline more when watching. And trust me, folks, I watch some TV. I also disagreed without being disagreeable, and that is an artform I like to think I have nearly perfected.

Have you ever used Houzz for a design dilemma (or, to my blogger friends, solved any)? Want me to help YOU with a design dilemma?? It's what I live for!


  1. I like your ideas for these rooms. Love that kitchen and the cabinets.

  2. Agree with all of your ideas. The Navajo white will look fantastic with her backsplash. Yes, room #2 needs a rug and an accent wall would be nice (I would have had to bite my tongue however in telling them to hide all those cords first ;-) And, given the furniture placement in room #3 I too think above the fireplace is best.

  3. I didn't know this section existed. How fun to help with design advise. I think more and more we are seeing the TV above the fireplace because it ends up being the focal wall and what the room is designed around.

  4. No I don't but all your suggestions sounds reasonable and would look great. I agree with you on the TV too!


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