Monday, September 15, 2014

Casual Monday

I once had a job where the bigwigs met on Fridays. Instead of Casual Fridays we got to wear jeans on Mondays. Which, when you think about it, is a brilliant solution. Fridays are already pretty much awesome, even without jeans. Whereas Monday? Eh. 

In that same way, my favorite links for the week (typically presented as the High Five Friday). Because today is meant to be anything but "eh."

1. Retro-Fitting

via Style by Emily Henderson
From the first moment I laid my cable-viewing eyes on her room designs, I have loved Emily Henderson. So I was pretty excited about her kitchen remodel since we are in the midst of our own. Bonus! She re-used her existing cabinets and called it "retrofitting."

2. Little Pink Komendas

Little Green Notebook via Domino
The day is finally here! Domino magazine with Jenny Komenda's house inside. All of her rooms are my favorite but I especially like this fun, colorful playroom (and she's got a special announcement on her Facebook page).

3. Twinsies

via NYTimes
I'll have to pick up a copy of Domino for some airport reading. My husband and I are headed to one of the most romantic places on this list later this week. Sadly, not Hawaii.

4. Perspectacles

All this reading means that I've been needing to wear my eyeglasses more. Warby Parker's Fall Collection is now online and I see lots of clear frames like the ones I wear. 

5. Birthday Girl

My baby turns eight today!!!! We celebrated all weekend with a family party and this tie-dye birthday cake. Her favorite color is Rainbow.

Hope your week is off to an amazing start!


  1. so exciting! a happy birthday to your daughter...getaways are the best too! dana

  2. Great links - I need to check out Jenny's Domino feature - she's so talented! And happy birthday to your daughter!!

  3. I loved the Domino feature on Jenny's house…it's wonderful. And a happy birthday to your daughter!!

  4. I love that your daughter's favorite color is Rainbow! Happy Birthday to her. I need to get a Domino mag asap! I can't wait to see it. I have 3 pairs of Warby's and adore them!


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