Monday, September 8, 2014

How Retirement Factors Into Our Kitchen Design

Retirement. Whenever I think about that far off day, I picture this fabulous lady.

Perfectly styled hair, glorious caftan, perpetual drink in hand. Living atop a high rise someplace warm and tropical. It will be a bit like my freshman year of college except both saggier and more stylish.

All of which is only possible if we make wise financial decisions now--like not going into debt for a kitchen remodel. 

I mentioned that we opted to keep the existing cabinets in our new-old kitchen. When it came time to choose the appliances, we decided to wait until Sears offered its Family & Friends sale at the end of August. 

Besides getting the discounted prices from the sale, we made our purchase online through Ebates, where you get paid to shop. There was a double cash back promo at the time so we earned six percent back on the purchase, or about $72. Ebates is an affiliate program so when you sign up and make a purchase through this link, I receive a referral bonus. You can earn the same when you tell your friends and family!

We also used the Shop Your Way rewards program at Sears to earn points toward another purchase (like a refrigerator in a few weeks). That helped us get back an additional $350.

And all of it was purchased on my husband's credit card. He earns miles with his card so just maybe we can start scouting Florida high rises when the snow starts blowing this winter.


  1. I love that photo - so funny. We are at the stage where retirement is coming and all new decorating takes resale into consideration.

  2. I've never used ebates but it sounds like a smart way to go! Love the future retirement photo - lol!


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