Friday, October 10, 2014

High Five Local Friday

I would miss the long, lazy days of summer -- if it weren't for the fact that there are so many fun things happening right now to keep me busy!

Instead of a list of my favorite things from the past seven days, this week's High Five is all about what I'm looking forward to in my town over the next few days.

1. Friends Book Sale
I love books and I love to support our local library. So possibly early tomorrow morning I will head over to the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Annual Fall Used Book Sale. They have a popular selection of fiction and nonfiction books for readers of all ages. Hardcover books are $1, paperbacks are 50 cents and all children's books are a quarter. Maybe I'll find a copy of Gone Girl and not be the last person on earth to read it?! 

2. Maker Studio 
Our library is on the cutting edge by creating a maker studio with two locations: one inside the library and one downtown in the Marriott hotel. So possibly I will also take my kids to check it out. They have lots of Legos, a 3D printer, a loom, and who knows what else for DIYing. Read more about it here.

3. Designer Yard Sale
A local interior designer posted about a yard sale that one of her clients is having this weekend at 745 Touraine Avenue. She says that the client has excellent taste in antiques, rugs, quilts, and collectible dishes. The sale starts Saturday at 10:00 and runs until about 2 p.m. and gets cheaper on Sunday (again beginning at 10:00). I mapped it and the house is a gorgeous old brick built in 1929,  so worth going to the sale just to see it up close!

4. Block Party
This is our first October in our house and our first time being invited to the neighborhood party. There will be a color run and bike parade for the kids, potluck (our street provides the veggies), and MSU vs Purdue football on a big screen in someone's driveway. This radio interview from a few years ago talks about our neighborhood. Here's a quote:

"The one group of homes that’s well known in East Lansing is the Lantern Hill group of homes, which was designed for faculty members. For the most part, no basements, flat roofs, fairly modest homes within walking distance of the campus, designed by a Boston architect, Hugh Stubbins. All of those homes have been remodeled, expanded, somewhat changed. I think more important than the individual homes is the whole idea of the community, and the people who live on Lantern Hill are very much aware of the history of their little section of the city."
The State Historic Preservation Office also put together a mid-century modern tour available here. The address info for the first two houses is not totally accurate (curse my internal editor) but I was excited to see that one is a house I've designed for in the past!

For their dining area

For the front of their living room
For the back of the living room

5. Batman vs. Superman

My son outgrew superheroes but I never did. So you can imagine how excited I am about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming at the Broad art museum this week! Check out the slideshow of images of the museum here.

And one final thing that I'm not doing but so wish I was: the Airborne Toxic Event is performing at a club in the shadow of the state capitol on Sunday night. They are the one band that I have always really wanted to see live... But even if I didn't have kids to put to bed and a job to get up for on Monday, tickets are sold out. Wah wah wah! Two favorite songs for all of us who can't go: All I Ever Wanted and Sometime Around Midnight.

Happy weekend!!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun things! The yard sale sounds fantastic! And the bock party should be fun. You do live in a great neighborhood

  2. I have never been to a block party....they never have them around here! Sounds like fun. Have wonderrful weekend.


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