Friday, October 24, 2014

One Room Challenge: Belated Week Four

Welcome back to my version of the One Room Challenge™ Link-up, hosted and trademarked by Linda of Calling it Home! Each Thursday for six weeks I'll show you the progress I've made in my Entryway Revamp. This is week four--and I'm late! 

If you're new here you can catch up with week one, week two, and week three

For those of you who've been here all along, THANK YOU!!! Your words of encouragement have meant the world to me!!

The reason that Week Four is so hard, in my humble opinion, is that my scatterbrained self loses interest and goes off on a mini-vacation and re-styles shelves instead of just finishing what I've started. 

But, I got a few key things done in the entryway for this week so there is some progress to report.

Last week I had mentioned the problem of how to hang the velvet drapes. I decided to buy two tension rods and mount the curtains below the bulkhead. Bed Bath & Beyond had them. Not only were they less than $10 for the two but I had a gift card. Cha-ching!

The drapes still need to be steamed but here's a rough look at how they appear in the space.

Since the rug is a peacock blue with greenish tones, the drapes work with it. Anyway, I like the mix of colors.

I also worked on framing some art and styling the etagere in the powder room. The blue photo above was a postcard I picked up when my husband and I were in Saint Paul last month. The mat is a Farrow & Ball lotus wallpaper sample that I trimmed to fit.

I mixed frame materials with abandon for this vignette: black, brass, and stainless. I like the eclectic feel of it. The image inside the above frame is a note card that shows downtown Lansing, Michigan, in the 1950s. That's around the time that our house was built and just down the road from our house in East Lansing. 

The blue and white tray is Threshold for Target. The silver metal frame has a notecard image from Michigan artist Mary Brodbeck. The part of the wallpaper sample I cut out for making the mat above, I put in the black frame in the center. It seems like it kind of ties the two areas together.

I also decided to turn this huge Ralph Lauren fabric sample into a curtain for the small window in the powder room. It's a high window and the shrub blocks any visibility, so a curtain is not necessary but I think it will add a nice detail. Again I mixed metals, using a black IKEA rod with brass curtain rings. 

Still to do? Paint. I need to re-paint the front door step, which is peeling and unattractive. However, it might be too cold now to do any outdoor painting. :(  I also need to decide, once and for all, about the stenciling in the powder room: wall or ceiling?? There might be a spray paint project involved. And you all know how much I hate fear painting, right?? There's also a DIY I'm dying to try. A bit of closet organization. Finally a little zhushing and I should be done!

Now off to see what everyone else is up to... The pros are here and link-ups here. Good luck everyone!!


  1. Those green velvet drapes will have some major impact! They're gorgreous. I love green and blue together. Your vignettes and the stunning RL curtain look great! Good luck with the rest of your projects!

  2. Love the green velvet, the Ralph Lauren fabric and the art. It's looking good!

  3. Carrie, that green velvet is just awesome! They look great and so do the Ralph Lauren curtains! I am so impressed by how this is all coming together. Good luck :)

  4. Haha, the ORC was designed for people like us who can't stay on one room unless they must. Love the green drapes. Pretty styling. Good luck with the stencil decision.

  5. Love your postcard with the Farrow & Ball mat. It makes unique and personal artwork!

  6. Love the framed art work and the drapes! Looking good!

  7. :) Repeat after me, finish what you started, finish what you started...LOL. I know this phrase for a reason :). Love the drapes!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands


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