Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flamboyantly Wild Prints

Thank you all sooooooo much for your kind comments on Bela's room re-do! I am thrilled with how the room has turned out and hope to provide a follow-up post at some point.

Full disclosure, I'm giving myself an ulcer realizing that I have not responded to even one comment. Literally, I am cringing right now. Please know you are all so lovely and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a sweet message. I don't know what my problem is in not replying...  

In other news.

I fell in love with a sofa Kris showed us this week from Everything But the House. I even calculated just how far away it would be to drive to Ohio and pick it up. {Answer: too far.}

via EBTH

Sold. Bummer!

I imagined it in my kitchen sitting area. Which, frankly, is not that imaginative because the couch currently sits beneath two windows with wide-slat faux wood blinds (mine are white). But I do love the visible wood frame. The large scale floral print. The button tufted bolsters. If it can't be mine, then I hope it went to a good home...

Anyhoo, go check out the post here because there's also a giveaway and you should get in on that action.

Kristin broke my art-loving heart further with this gorgeous post. The color combos are so amazing! But this painting with all my new favorite colors?

via Chairish

That's right. Sold.  :(

I did, however, search a little bit and found that the artist--Linda Colletta--has some other pieces for sale.

And then I had to check out the chairs. It's in the name: Chairish. 

Mamma Mia!!
via Chairish

I love that there are two--may lightning strike me down if I ever purchase anything less than a pair of chairs again. I love the velvety sumptuousness of the texture. I love the lines. And I love, love, LOVE the wild fuschia palm print.

Can you guess where I'd have to drive to pick these babies up???

Miami Beach. It's farther than Ohio...

So, have you seen anything great lately? Anything you missed out on because it was already sold? Do you feel it would have been wildly inappropriate to put these chairs together in a room with that sofa and art? I kind of dig it.

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