Friday, May 15, 2015

High Five Friday is Back

The weather here in East Lansing, Michigan, has been overcast and rainy all week. I call it "dementor weather." You know, like the wraiths that torment Harry Potter and the prisoners of Azkaban in the JK Rowling books...

It's extra hard to be cheerful on days like this but we can do it! Here are some of the things I'm loving this week, otherwise known as the "High Five Friday."

1. Summer Vacation

via Travel Zoo
I'm so excited for summer vacation which starts here in 13 1/2 school days! No more pencils, no more books (except the ones we choose to read). The weather has me wanting to re-read the Harry Potter series now, and a trip to London would be the perfect capstone. Have any of you used Travel Zoo before? They're a sponsor of the Happier podcast and I saw this great deal today (although I think the really low rates are already gone).

We're a lot more likely, though, to head here this summer.

Detroit via Architectural Digest

Catch a Tigers game. Check out the Frida exhibit at the DIA. Buy a Shinola. And only an hour away by car...
Aloft Detroit via Architectural Digest

Probably not what a lot of people think of when they think of Detroit.

2. Gotta have art
Since the record for the most expensive painting ever sold at auction was broken this week, I think this fun quiz is especially timely. 

Study of Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

My result?
Study of Concentric Circles. You are more of a modernist. That's not to say you don't appreciate history--not by any means! You dearly love knowing about history, especially in its relation to art and culture. You are a bit different than everyone else though, and you have always known this. You like to live life outside of the box, and are intrigued by what others see as the mundane, or simplistic. You truly celebrate life, and are naturally a social being. Getting together with friends for good food or good company is definitely a source of inspiration for you. You have a strong intellectual side though too, and you like to read a challenging book, or watch a creatively made film. You have a bright and vivacious personality, hence, others are drawn to you and are intrigued by your unique outlook on life. Like the Study of Concentric Circles, you remind others that life, and art are an individual and unique form of expression. Instead of seeking validation from external sources, you remind others that expression alone is where the joy is at.

I especially dug that the question about movies featured two older but gorgeous films I recently re-watched: Frida and Little Women. Definitely check them out if you are looking for a good movie this weekend! I am hoping to go see Woman in Gold, a true story which reminds me a bit of this Daniel Silva book.

3. Backyard Living
Having a TV outdoors is my idea of living the good life. Could anything be more perfect than getting to watch my stories in the fresh air??

Brooke Giannetti/Velvet & Linen
This might be a bit more elaborate than what I end up with ;) but gorgeous nonetheless.


I'm excited to check out the new TV show, Wandering Pines. Did you catch the first episode last night? Besides the beautiful Carla Gugino (who is over 40--more important to me as I get closer to my bday this summer), the show sounds like a grown-up version of this family favorite.

4. Tips to Learn from Set Designers

via House Beautiful

Subtitled: how can I talk my son into playing tennis??? Because now that I've done sister's room, I am feeling like his bedroom could use some love. Really great simple tips for decorating your own space in this article.

5. Make Your Own Sunshine
I'm dressed in gray, black, and drab green today, but how about this bright, fun Anthro skirt?

Look Linger Love
Reportedly, my favorite city council member wants to attract good businesses "such as Anthropologie" to our town so fingers and toes are crossed.

This new store, a hybrid of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, recently opened here. Last week I popped in after work and saw the coach of the MSU men's basketball team heading in to shop with his wife--I also got blackberries for 88 cents!

The college students have gone home for the summer, and I'm feeling like half the population of our town is gone. I love living in a college town and the energy of the students, but this is AWESOME. It's so easy to get around! The lilacs are in full bloom, and so too are some irises. What's blooming where you are?

Have a great weekend!

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