Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Indie Anniversary

Today is a very special--very personal--day for me. It was on this date exactly six years ago (also a Tuesday) that I moved out on my own.

I distinctly remember going to receive the keys from my new landlords. Mrs. O'Brien told me how sorry she was about the divorce and I just nodded because I didn't have any words for it. I have never felt so simultaneously terrified or brave. My new neighbors all appeared to be college students whereas I was in a trench coat and a station wagon. My "roommates" were a kindergartener and two-year-old...

Ours was the left side, closer to the street. When I lived there, we had annuals hanging from the porch light. There were big bunches of lily of the valley growing outside the door as I remember so it must have smelled absolutely heavenly.


All day I've been searching for photos and just can't seem to find them. But I learned a lot about myself in that little house. Lessons I'd love to share one of these days.

This was the teensy tiny kitchen/dining area. Really not the best photo of it, but I loved how all of our things fit into this compact space. I really truly believe it was a fun challenge to decorate, and in my memory at least, it instantly felt like HOME even those first few nights when I slept on the floor...


  1. Thank you for sharing Carrie. It was a very scary and brave step. I am so happy to know you.

  2. Hooray for you being brave and strong! Your little kitchen was so cute, especially your tiny little oven!

    1. Thank you, Sara! It helped having good friends like you to cheer me on. :)


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