Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dot and Bo Dream Dining Room

I'm thinking about making some tiny updates to our dining area at home. The measuring tape has been pulled out, my Amazon shopping cart is full, and I spray painted when the rain stopped earlier this week. The changes aren't big but I think they'll dramatically affect how I feel about the space.

Since I was already thinking dining rooms, that was what I created for the Dot & Bo Pin to Win Contest.

I started with the iconic tulip table, and then started layering. 
Tulip Table

The multicolored clock set the tone for color, giving it a desert-vibe.

Clock / Planter / Coasters / Orange Pillow / Aztec Pillow

The florals, which I used as plates in the mood board, are actually coasters, which could be mounted on the wall with an extra-small plate holder like these.

I grounded all of that color with lots of green.

Rug / Pillow / Bench / Coasters

The banana leaf coasters on the table evoke the pattern in the leaf pillow, which references the green of the rug and bench.

Sputnik / Lamp / Wishbone Chair / Chest

The sputnik chandelier and other neutral elements provide the mid-century modern flavor that Dot & Bo is known for.

You can check out all of the items that I used in the dream board here. Several of them are sold out but if you "love" it (by selecting the heart) you can keep track of when it comes back in stock via your favorites!

If you are new to Dot & Bo and need an invitation to shop, please use mine here which provides perks to us both.

The best part is that if you need a new look for your dining area and have some patience, you can get everything here for less than $4,000 (total cost of all items is $3,847.83).

Does your house need a little refresh? Let me help! 
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