Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Lately

Nothing like missing work on Friday to make you work harder on Monday, right? My summer posting so far has been more sporadic than I would have liked but I am planning--and doing--a lot! Consider this sort of a reverse high five Friday, with highlights of what I've been up to so far as they relate to interior decorating.

1. BIG art
Last week I went to Detroit for work and popped in at the Detroit Institute of Arts to view the Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo special exhibit. Rivera's murals at the DIA are renowned and a great example of "bigger is better" art. For more can't miss places to visit, see this insider's guide to Detroit.

2. Paint Palette
I was asked for a recommendation on paint colors and suggested this neutral palette of greys and blues. My paint preference is to use colors that work well together, limiting the palette to just a few choices. 

3. Michigan's MCM History
In answering a question about Michigan's mid-century modern fan base, I discovered that Michigan had an important role in developing this design style.

4. Swimming
Last week I bumped into the realtor who sold our house. As we were chatting, she mentioned that the previous owner's late husband had been quite a wonderful swimmer. He died unexpectedly in the same year as my grandpa; had he lived I imagine he might have had a pool installed in our backyard. 

5. DIY Dining
I've been working on some updates in our dining area, including this brushstroke art

I can't wait to share the rest with you! What's new where you are?

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  1. Glad to catch up with you Carrie - summer is such a busy time. Love, love your new brushstroke artwork!!


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