Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thinking BIG, Moving s-l-o-w

"Taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha-cha."

Today is my three-year blogiversary--which seems like a great time for some self-reflection.

I started Cosy Carolina on June 24, 2012, with the intention of using it to launch an interior decorating business. Three years later and that's still a dream. Because life keeps happening. We put our house up for sale and moved to a new one. Last year was the big wedding. Through it all, I've blogged and learned so much about my style. Some fun projects have come my way, and I have a few more planned.

But I haven't exactly set the blogging world on fire...

Lately I'm thinking more about how to take my passion for decorating out into the world, as a business venture. That's the thinking BIG part of today's post.

But I'm also wondering how the blog fits in with those goals?? For sure, I've enjoyed getting to know others who share my interest in interior design. And I definitely think it's fun to post inspiring images and updates on my own progress. Is growth in terms of followers a reasonable goal? Does it matter in the long run? If you are reading this, what do you think? Any advice? Friendly criticisms? I'm open!

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  1. You need to read Michaela's post from today (and the series)...Michaela Noelle Designs.


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