Friday, July 3, 2015

High Five (Almost) Independence Day Friday

There's nothing better than working on the day before the holiday except, of course, not having to go to work at all (which we'll do later today). Here are a few things that penetrated my almost-on-vacation euphoria, otherwise known as the High Five Friday.

1. Flags for All
Southern State of Mind

If we were staying around home, I think this would be the greatest idea to do with my neighbors.

2. The English Spy

If you're wondering how a book about an English spy got on this patriotic list, it's because Daniel Silva, who was born in Michigan, just released the 15th Gabriel Allon mystery this week. Visit this link to find out where you can get an autographed copy.

3. Land of the Brave
I really really liked this post about doing the things you think you are too scared to do.
4. Beauty Counter Sale
Have you tried BeautyCounter yet? I just learned about this fantastic company and was excited about this promotion. Shop now through July 6th.

5. Whole Vacation
We're packing up the car and headed north soon. I've put aside a million books to read/work on the business while we're at the beach. Or, I may try to take the advice of Kid President and just enjoy being.

Although I won't be posting here, I do intend to do mini-posts via Instagram and Facebook all week. If you haven't yet, "like" or follow me there to see what's up. I'll be back with a super awesome giveaway on Monday, July 13th!

Happy 4th of July!!!

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