Thursday, July 23, 2015


Tomorrow I am doing something that fills me with trepidation and dread: I'm dragging all the things I don't want in my house anymore outdoors for a yard sale. Eeek!

I'm armed with the best advice I can get including a printable checklist from Your Organized Space.

It all began with my daughter's desire to downsize her toy collection. But from there it has morphed into me realizing I'll be much happier with LESS.

We have been so blessed. But now we have so. much. stuff!!!

Among the items for sale tomorrow:
  • Dyson orange ball upright vacuum (six years old but still much less than eBay)
  • D├ęcor items that don't work with the style of our "new" house (we moved a year and a half ago and I'm finally coming to terms with it in order to let it go...)
Like this green glass jug vase. It's huge and heavy and so pretty.
This zebra print bolster pillow which was part of my single lady bed (not this black duvet). Still in great condition.

There will be more pillows (because I have an obsession) and rugs. Books, DVDs, board games. A Barbie dream house and a Barbie beach house. Child  size roller blades, maybe a BMX bike. Clothes and shoes--things I am tired of wearing, boys' size 10-12/12-14 and girls' size 7-8, and possibly some large men's clothes (if I can convince my husband).

My daughter will have a lemonade stand. In a more fanciful moment, I thought I could offer Starbucks, but logistically that might be too complicated (of course, if you come to the sale and ask me for a cup, I will be thrilled!)

If you're local to the East Lansing area, stop by for the Good Blog Reader discount. :) Things will be pretty much marked to sell because I just know that I'm going to LOVE having all that empty space in my house.

The address is 1012 Delridge Road. We'll be out on the lawn from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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  1. Its always scary to let go but it feels so good once you're done! Hope you make lots of money and clear space to buy new things :)


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