Friday, July 31, 2015

High Five Blue Moon Friday

It's been awhile since I've done a post about my favorites of the week, otherwise known as the High Five Friday, and since today is a Blue Moon, it seems especially appropriate to do one today. Plus, I actually have fun stuff to share! This is also my 500th post!!!

1. Velvet It opened less than two weeks ago and I've already been there three times. If that doesn't tell you how GOOOOOOOD this ice cream/candy/fudge shop, transplanted from Michigan's Mackinac Island is, then I don't know what will. Read more about them here. I'll probably be there tonight, buying Blue Moon ice cream. Is that not the best idea?! Is Blue Moon ice cream a "thing" outside of Michigan?

2. One Kings Lane Hands down, One Kings Lane is my favorite of all the flash sale sites, and they have some especially great stuff right now. Think: big rugs for less than $250, lots of blue and white porcelain, and Lucite office supplies. I don't always buy the things I feature here, but today I did. Shop here.

3. Caitlin Wilson's Home Tour Did you see textile designer Caitlin Wilson' home tour? So good! Each space is more colorful and fun than the last one. I love how much buffalo check she uses. And her kids are precious!

4. Home Decorators Collection If you've been waiting to purchase a media cabinet or office furniture, do it now! Home Decorator's Collection is offering 20% off plus free shipping through the weekend. This is an awesome deal! I was just looking at their pieces yesterday and would have paid $70 for shipping on a TV stand.

5. Harry Potter/JK Rowling Birthday We'll probably watch one of the Harry Potter movies tonight because it is Harry Potter's/JK Rowling's birthday. I would also bake a cake but see #1 above... I got a Fitbit for my birthday/anniversary {and have been working that piece of information into as many conversations as I can manage}. Yesterday I was well over the 10,000 step requirement but had to work my buns off to do it: yoga, a morning walk, a walk to the Farmers Market on the Capitol lawn, and an evening stroll with my husband, plus I biked to our local library (which is not far, but totally different muscles. yikes!) If you're looking for a fun treat, may I suggest indoor s'mores. I think the photo is pretty self-explanatory, just microwave for 11-15 seconds.

My apologies for the lack of pictures and any weird formatting--I upgraded to Windows 10 and have not figured out how to do certain things yet in Blogger. I had to compose the whole thing in the back end HTML code. Anyone have any tips?? Help!

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