Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 Ways to Cheer Yourself Out of a Bad Day

"When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

And this morning at home I Was. Not. Happy. To start with, I didn't get enough sleep. I was also feeling a bit nervous about the timing of my dentist appointment later in the morning and a presentation at work, and upset because it's going to be a long day away from home. 

The kids were dawdling. Bela undecorated our Christmas tree. Seriously?! I repeated myself about getting dressed, brushing hair, brushing teeth, getting shoes on ... more times than I care to. We were running a teensy bit behind schedule but it felt like everything was taking forever. Then I dropped Griffin's water bottle and it shattered, sending water all over the laundry room floor. 

At school Griffin told me that his dad wants him to have gloves, not mittens, in his backpack and where is his hat?? I wanted to say "you are almost ten years old. you need to be responsible for this stuff." But I didn't. Because it would have come out harsh and I praise God that He stopped my voice from hurting that little guy's feelings at that moment.

I promised him that somehow I would find a way to get him a hat & gloves TODAY. Because today is the day they go to their dad's house after school (so I don't even get a chance to make up to them for being a grump this morning). 

As I walked out of school, I felt like crying. What was I going to do?? Go all the way home--a twenty-minute drive one way?? I did not cry, however, because I was wearing lots of eye makeup. Instead I drove to Target and bought another hat and another pair of gloves. It's Michigan, it's not like we won't use them...

On the way to the store, I came up with this list of seven ways to quickly cheer myself up, and I offer it to you now:

1) Laugh out loud. 
To change my mood, I thought of lots of funny things. The best: a guy walks into a bank to rob it, but instead of saying "this is a stickup" says "this is a f**k up". I get tears every time! 

2) Splurge. 
You'd better believe I got a Starbucks when I got to Target. 

3) Do something nice for someone else.
And then I bought each of my kids a snowman cookie to stick in their lockers.

4) Prepare.
While I was at Target I stocked up on kid versions of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, then practiced my work presentation on my sweet dental hygienist later.

5) Smile at everyone you meet.
Good moods are contagious. Spread cheer! 

6) Sing.
Listening to a good song makes me feel better and singing it out loud makes me feel best of all. In fact, I refer to this practice as Carrie-oke (like karaoke, get it?). I do it a lot while I'm driving. :)

7) Take care of yourself.
I also stocked up on $5 tights at Target and gave myself a pat on the back for not canceling my dentist appointment.

Here is the most popular picture I've pinned on Pinterest so far this week. A cookbook shelf in the kitchen is something a lot of us would like to have, and this one is a great use of a tiny space. {If you would like an invitation to check out Pinterest, just let me know in the comments.}

I can't get to the website where this originated,
but there is a Houzz account here with a few more gorgeous pics.


  1. On the gloves and mittens front...I just ordered 6 pairs of the same gloves for my kid. How they get lost so easily is beyond me. ~a Marble Mom.

    1. That's a really smart idea! Then even if you lose the left, you've still got a match. I like it!

  2. #8 Think about how many people love you just because you're you. And because you say thinks like "Carrie-oake". Lol. Love ya pal :o)

    1. #8 is my favorite!!! I am so lucky to have the best friends in the world, including you my dear! :)

  3. Oh yes #5 & #6 can really work! A great story I have with smiling being contagious; there was an older gentleman in the store looking kind of grumpy and I smiled at him and he asks me why are you smiling. At first I was taken aback not really expecting a response from him but I look at him and answer why not? He kind of gives me a puzzled look then this big smile breaks his face and he starts laughing... and say yep why not. I seen him again on the way out of the store and he was still smiling. Who knew a little o' smile could have such power to lighten the day :-)

    1. I LOVE this!! What a great answer: why not? Have a great weekend, Rhonda!


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