Friday, December 7, 2012

The Unexpected

Our Christmas decorating this year includes some of the unexpected. For example:

We brought the wreath inside.

Wrapping paper is a decoration when it is in a large glass vase. 

Unrelated to xmas, I hung this antique mirror on the doorknob in the entry. It had been in Bela's bedroom, and some Feng shui research long ago turned up the idea that mirrors in bedrooms can interfere with a good night's sleep. Since a poor night of sleep for her means a poor night of sleep for mama, it had to go!

To accommodate the Christmas tree in the perfect spot, we had to move the bookcase--to the entry.

 Note the photos way up high. The paper on the wall is for drawing our own Christmas tree.

A chair with a holiday pillow in the entry, plus some fun glittery shoes.
A pop-up version of The Night Before Christmas and candles make for a cozy night of reading.


And in the category of "wow, I never thought of that, and I don't know why" check out this wreath hung on the outer door. I have always hung my wreath inside the storm door. How about you? Is your wreath inside the storm or on the outer door?

Unknown source via Pinterest

Sorry for the blurry and/or dark photos! If I get some advertising revenue, I'm going to invest in a DSLR. Hopefully you get the idea though...


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