Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown

Our house is decorated for Christmas! Here's what we've done so far this month:

1) We put up our Christmas tree. 
We picked out a Fraser fir from Tannenbaum Tree Farm this past Saturday. It is the fourth year we've been there. Our tradition is nice and I LOVE having a real tree, even though I will pick up needles forever (in fact, I dug one out of the carpet the morning we went to get this year's tree...)

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2) We lit the lights.
There are colored lights on the tree, white lights around the upper cabinetry and on the stair rail, and more colored lights outside (on a timer to make things easy). All the lights are LED and thus more energy efficient.

3) We put out the decorations.
Our mini Christmas tree and wreath are in some totally unexpected spots. One day this week I'll be in our house when there is natural sunlight and I can get a decent photo, I promise. Otherwise the nativity scene makes one more house for Bela to decorate. 

4) We've got a stack of Xmas books.
Today after school the kids and I stopped at our branch of the library. For a teeny tiny village, they have a nice selection of Christmas books in the kids' section. We grabbed Christmas stories from the Berenstain Bears, Arthur, Olivia, Curious George, Max & Ruby, and more.
Source unknown. Image via Pinterest.

5) We've spotted some treats.
We've already gone through one carton of peppermint stick ice cream, and today Bela saw these Christmas tree-shaped brownies I'll be sure to make very soon.


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