Friday, December 14, 2012

Two Houses: Holiday Edition

It occurred to me after yesterday's post that my week may have seemed just a wee bit indulgent. At least to "little miss recently debt-free", it did. 


But there is a good reason. And it hastens from a tip once given to me by a good friend. She is truly one of the best moms I know, and her secret is to do things that protect her sanity.

And I do! Negative thought patterns are a habit. Literally, your brain in a rut. When we think grateful thoughts, we create new neural pathways. Happiness is a choice.   

I'm choosing to find what's good right now, and conversely to keep the bad thoughts at bay, because through a fluke of the calendar and custody schedule, this is not my year for birthdays or Christmas. I won't see Griff tomorrow when he turns ten. Nor will I wake up to happy little faces on Christmas morning. In fact, I won't see those happy little faces from 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve until noon the following Sunday (December 30). Six long days. 

I think from here. Lots of other gorgeous rooms.
It's enough to make me want to write "F#*@ 2012" in my holiday cards. 


I won't though. Obviously, that would be rude. And self-absorbed. Plus so many wonderful things happened in 2012. Most notably this is the year that Phil made our house his home, and the kids became part of the Catholic church through their baptisms. 

Santa will come to our house next Friday (which is also the date the Mayans think is to be the end of the world. Mere coincidence...). I'll work extra hard the days the kids are not with me. I'll make lots of money. I'll clean my house. I will smile and I will be happy

But I will LOVE every single moment they are home.

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