Monday, February 18, 2013

40 Days: Decluttering This House

Happy Presidents Day! The kids and I are home today. Work is closed, school is closed. Our house is a mess... 

I think it's natural. We are stuck indoors more because it's winter. There was a huge influx of stuff a few weeks ago. Life is busy. 

But it is not how I want to live.

So, even though it's a little late, I'm going to start 40 Bags in 40 Days. Here's more explanation on what it is. Go through the links. They really are genius. 

Maybe I'll have some inspiration or tips as I do this thing. Maybe I won't. Hopefully I will have a lighter, tighter house by the beginning of April (Easter is on March 31 this year).

p.s. I am hoping to read this book to the kids today in honor of the holiday. Otherwise, it will  end up in the "To Go" pile.


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