Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy birthday, house!

Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the day I got the keys to our house!!! And the desire for a new house has never been stronger... I didn't actually go so far as to call my realtor, but I did do an online search. 

I fell in love with this house. It's an upstairs house (my kids' way of saying two-story). Near friends. Within walking distance of my alma mater. There's a tree in the front yard, perfect for a tire swing. 

I would take off the storm door and paint the wooden door green like the shutters. I'd clean up the shrubbery, re-seed the lawn, and edge the walkway. Already it would be such an improvement. 

Or so I thought until I accidentally drove past it today. I had pictured it being in one neighborhood but it was actually in another, which was disappointing. Then, I saw what bad repair the exterior was in. For sure it would need new siding. Possibly new windows. And who knows what else that can't be covered over with style (things like plumbing, HVAC, insulation, chimney...). The only bonus was that the garage was larger than I thought and there's a third story. Can you say dedicated floor for a playroom??

Of course, then there are the interior photos. 

First, the good. I love this fireplace, and I can picture this room decorated with our sofa and a big shag rug. A pair of wingback chairs with white slipcovers would look great in front of the window. 

The entry is small, but how classic with the staircase right there. {By the way, ALL of the light fixtures look original to when the house was built in 1936. This is the only cool one. I dig how it looks like a disco ball, certainly indicating that this house could be the party house.}

Then there's the seriously out-of-date kitchen, which I felt I could work around. The brown range looks kind of coppery, like all the elite brands were unveiling a few years ago. I would paint the walls a rich, contrasting lapis lazuli. And save save save for a kitchen remodel.

This is how I imagine the kitchen looking after my remodel. It was part of the 2010 Colorado Home of the Year by O Designs. Check out more of the stunning photos here. The blue is lapis lazuli and the chandeliers, white cabinetry, and large wood block island are what I would want to replicate. 

Because then there is this sad photo of the kitchen.

Unbelievably, it all goes downhill from here.   :(

So, on second thought...
Our house... three years ago!

I am appreciating the newness of our house a little more today. Even with its lack of a second story, mature trees, or real neighborhood.

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