Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: #4

I'm not gonna lie, I was having trouble motivating myself to get out of bed this morning. So what if it's Friday? I still have to fancy up and commute into work. I have to pay bills today, and just maybe file my taxes. Then there's all the housework waiting for me at home.

But, when I looked out the window at the snowy vista that is our world, I got a little happy. There used to be a snow bunny in my soul and she still smiles whenever she sees big white snowflakes flurrying around. 

In honor of being happy right where I am, today's "Friday I'm in Love" post is dedicated to winter.

images via here; here; here; and here.

Sure, you can't buy any of these things {except that Stormy Kromer center top; isn't it darling?? keep your ears warm and look chic!}. These are the experiences that make life worth living: hot chocolate, sledding, and being outside in nature with a good buddy. The rest of the quote reads "Summer bodies are earned in the winter"--which holds promise to me not just of swimsuits but of warm sun & sand.

And, yes, just yesterday I was wishing for summer or at least late spring. Whatever... I'm fickle. :)  Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I saw those hats in a magazine recently and told my hubby I loved them! So cute aren't they!


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