Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Decorating the Yard for Spring

Hello all! I am going to have soooo much to fill you all in on when my little hiatus is over. Until then, please enjoy this special guest post from my friend, Marlene, who writes the fabulous gardening blog, Bloom Adore


Daffodils are a sign of spring and also deer resistant.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons in the garden because it means winter is over! When daffodils start peeking out from the cold earth, I know that the season has turned a corner and warmer weather is on the way.

I can divide my spring ‘to do’ list into two categories: 1) Things I am doing and 2) Things I should be doing. I think all of us have the best intentions of putting that ‘should’ list into the ‘doing’ list but if you are like me, you realize it cannot all get done. The great thing about gardening is that you can just keep building on what you have already done!

My spring to do list is very long, so I won’t bore you with all the details of clean up, checking soil quality, cleaning outdoor containers, trimming grasses, starting my vegetables from seed indoors and edging the beds. This spring I want to share something I did not do: Spray for critters. It was on my "things I should be doing” list and it never made it’s way over to the other list.

Last fall, in preparation for this spring I planted about 500 tulip bulbs along my front landscape border. About 2 weeks ago, some little critter dug those tulip bulbs up like they were mining for gold! The more that furry thief dug, the smarter her got and I admit I was impressed! He moved on to the other bed of tulips, and instead of kicking dirt all over my lawn he started digging tidy little holes to remove the bulbs. I would have been even more impressed had he filled the holes back up to cover up his thievery.  I suspect it was the fat rabbit hanging out in my yard based on the fact that my dog will not chase anything unless we are out running and she’s on her leash (and no, my dog isn’t a digger, she’s a swimmer).

Gardeners have to be optimists or we’d dig holes for ourselves that are 6 feet deep rather than the basic 3-6” so I will remain eternally optimistic. Sadly, this spring I will not be enjoying my stunning display of colorful tulip blooms. However, I was able to feed some lucky little critter and now I’m passing on this useful information to you. Remember to spray early, before sprouts come up, and spray after every hard rain.

I found an organic critter repellent at my local small town hardware store that I will spray on my hostas this year, but you can make your own with items you probably already have in your home. If deer are your only problem, you can go to www.deer-departed.com (great advice on repelling deer and the name is adorable). One more piece of advice on critter spray….don’t stand downwind when spraying, it will make you smell really, really bad.

Bloom on!

A HUGE thanks to Marlene for joining us today. DO you have some pretty blooms in your yard? Critters?? I am so thrilled to see the sun and feel warm breezes. Finally!

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