Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This week's Project Simplify task is to plow through our piles. And I have a few at home from all the decluttering in week's one and two. All the things that need to be traded, sold, or donated are piled up near the back door. 

But where I make my living and my reason for living (Phil, Griffin, Bela) are dominating my time right now. 

My important piles this week and next are at work. Papers are stacked all across my desk and behind me on the credenza. We are hosting two big events to celebrate our silver anniversary, and donations are coming in hand over fist. Great news! But busy, busy, busy!!!

And the weather here is finally nice! Sunshine, balmy air. Perfection. So I'm hoping to be playing in the driveway and backyard and at the playground with my favorite people when I'm not stuck indoors doing work.

I'll be back with tips and inspiration to clean, organize, and beautify sometime after next Friday. Since this is such a great outlet for all that wild, creative energy inside me, though, I may pop in a bit here & there between now & then.

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