Monday, April 8, 2013

Making Different Styles Work Together

Last week I posted a mid-century modern design board that featured this gorgeous chair with nailhead trim.

It's from Rugs USA and still 30% off with free shipping! What I love best about it, though, is that it could look great in a lot of different rooms. Which got me thinking about the houses I have lived in over the years...

The first one I decorated was a 1920's two-story in the city. I rented it during my final year of college and after starting my first job near the Capitol. The house had lots of architecturally  interesting details including stained glass windows, built-ins, and some hardwood floors. If I were decorating it today, the nailhead trim chairs would look great with this sofa from Urban Outfitters.

Not only does it look plushy but the back folds down into a sleeper, perfect for the college student-host. I would accessorize with more gypsy-style elements: throw pillows from World Market, for example, in order to create an ethnic vibe. 

My second house was a perfect little starter home. In the same city, it was a post-war bungalow in a totally different neighborhood and I decorated it totally differently from my college rental. 

If I was decorating it today, I would pair this striped Ektorp sofa from IKEA with the nailhead trim chairs to achieve a Cape Cod look. I would accessorize with red pillows (also from World Market) to really make it a little slice of Americana.

Here's how everything would look together. {The fabulous drum coffee table that also transitions well is from Ralph Lauren.}

One chair, two totally different looks.


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